10 Things I Learned While Riding My Trikke

This article was originally published on Randy Boyd’s Blocks under the title “10 Things I Learned While Trikking.

10. A moderate Trikke ride in cold, crappy weather is better than any workout inside a cold, crappy gym.

9. Carving uphill or against a good stiff wind does wonders for the arms.

8. Even though “looks like a lot of hard work” is a comment often heard while carving, riding my Trikke never, ever, ever! really seems like hard work.

7. Even though carving never, ever seems like hard work, riding a Trikke is absolutely the best form of exercise dreamt up by humankind.

6. Most women look at the Trikke and think, “is it fun?” Most men look at the Trikke and think, “is it a good workout?” Most kids look at the Trikke and think, “cool!”

5. The word cool is still the word kids use to best describe something they find really, really … cool.

4. I can’t deny the enjoyment of being in the spotlight for riding on this newfangled, extreme-athlete-looking, 21st-century, three-wheel-bike-thingy in what is still most definitely a bike world.

3. This decade or the next will be the decade of the Trikke. The young kids of today see the Trikke and their eyes light up with wonderment, oftentimes so overwhelming they’re rendered speechless. In a few years, those kids will be able to speak up a little better. Many of them will want Trikkes! Then their friends will want Trikkes!

2. Someday, Trikkes will be commonplace the world over, like bicycles.

1. Someday, I’m going to miss the enjoyment of being in the spotlight for riding on this newfangled bike-thingy.

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