Make 2016 the year you lose weight while having the time of your life

The beginning of every new year means everywhere you look, someone is telling you how to become a whole new you. Lose weight. Be healthier. Get in better shape. Join a gym. Sign here. Follow this regime. Go on a diet. Get fit!

Where’s the fun? someone might ask.

Everyone who’s ever tried to get in better shape knows: the more fun your fitness regimen, the more likely your persistence and your success.

Most fun New Year’s resolution ever!

Trikke carving vehicles are synonymous with fun. After all, it’s hard to ride a Trikke without breaking out into a smile. All the while, you’re moving your entire body and getting a good, low impact workout from head to toe.

Many a Trikke rider has carved their way a leaner healthier body. A rider from British Columbia, Canada says Trikke helped him lose 120 pounds. A rider from California (and her weight loss) were featured in the LA Times. Another California rider credits Trikke with helping her lose over 110 pounds. Success stories abound from all over the world. What better way to ring in the new year by becoming one of them?

Way better than a bike for overall fitness.

Imagine riding a vehicle that’s more fun than a bike, burns more calories than a bike, moves more body parts than a bike and gives you a better workout than a bike. That’s what a Trikke carving vehicle is.

And did we mention fun?

You might have so much fun, land surfing on your Trikke — flying through the neighborhood, cruising along the beach, carving up your local trail — you even might forget about the fact that you’re having one of the best workouts of your life.

But that’s OK.

Being at best your should be about having a smile on your face, yes?

Average calorie burn comparison

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