A Trikke vehicle gives you the carving edge

What is a Trikke? It’s 2016 and some people are still asking the question. Are Trikkes body-powered vehicles or electric vehicles? Fitness vehicles or transportation vehicles? Commercial vehicles or personal vehicles?

With so many different types of Trikke carving vehicles and a lineup of models that’s constantly evolving, you might find yourself asking: what is Trikke Tech all about these days?

The short answer: the carve.

With Trikke carving vehicles, it’s all about the carve.

Whether body powered or electric powered, all Trikkes feature three wheels on the ground at all times and our patented cambering (leaning) frame that gives you the confidence to lean into turns as deeply as needed. The result: an agile and dynamic ride where the rider is totally engaged in the experience.

The carve gives you the edge with a total body experience.

Even with our electric models, fitness comes into play (when you carve). It’s that ability to carve that separates Trikke from other electric vehicles. In fact, the fitness element is intertwined or “carved” into every Trikke we roll out.

Body-powered Trikke. Electric-powered Trikke. Personal Trikke. Commercial-use Trikke. All Trikkes are about the carve and the carve gives you the edge.

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