Love affair with Trikke begins anew

September 14, 2015

I have fallen in love with my Trikke, Black Birdie, many times over. I fell in love with her when I finally learned how to carve. I fell deeper in love when I learned to trust the lean (well — leaning for me). This last weekend I fell even deeper when I took my first Trikke trip to the central coast of California. A newbie to our local carving group,…


Visualize ‘the lean’ on your Trikke carving vehicle

  One of the most effective ways to change something about ourselves is through visualization. In sports it is no different. If you want a meaner lean, visualize it. Practice Trikke carving in your mind and when you get out on the pavement you will find improvement in your technique. That is just one topic covered under the umbrella of sports psychology. This post started as a question: “Does your…

June 13, 2013