Patrolling on Trikkes makes Cal-Berkeley police officers more approachable

March 24, 2020

Greener, electric three-wheelers blazing new trail for UCPD, called better than both a Segway and a bike. After using a variety of patrol vehicles on campus, police officers at the University of California, Berkeley, have learned a valuable lesson: electric Trikkes are at the head of the class. “The versatility, the quietness, the mobility.” Those are the best features of the Trikke Defender, according to UCPD Police Sergeant Thomas C….


Police Trikkes: “miles ahead” of other options

February 24, 2020

For the Norfolk PD, Trikkes were a “major upgrade from the department’s old Segways.” Last June, police officers in Norfolk, Virginia, began patrolling on electric Trikkes, and according to Officer Mitchel Ashton, the Trikke Interceptors, as they’re known, have already made a difference: “The Interceptor has greatly improved how quickly our officers can respond to calls in our downtown sector,” says Ashton, “typically beating marked units by several minutes.” Timing…


10 questions about the new Trikke T10 Roadster — answered by Trikke designer Gildo Beleski

Gildo Beleski
August 1, 2017

T10 Q&A with “G” on the new look, new brakes, new handlebar and more! In the Trikke community, he’s simply known as “G,” and judging by the passionate way Trikke riders love their Trikkes, the “g” could easily stand for genius. However, Gildo Beleski prefers to be known as the Trikke designer — even over “the inventor of Trikke.” That’s because, as the Brazilian native sees it, the joy of…


Ultimate Trikke theme park in China to open in 2017

Trikke theme park
November 15, 2016

Trikke Tech enters the fast growing Chinese sports, recreational and tourism market with big dreams. A giant theme park featuring all things Trikke. A wondrous place where you can experience Trikke’s three-wheel carving vehicles by land, by sea, by ski and much more. It may sound like a Trikke lover’s pipe dream, but in May, 2017, that dream is set to become a reality with the world and China’s first…


Inside the Trikke world of President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter

February 15, 2016

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter still rides their Trikkes on a regular basis. Remarkable, considering the former president is 91 years old and his wife is 88 years old. One morning you’re waking up to an ordinary day in your small business. Two days later, you’re driving 350 miles to meet the former President of the United States of America to work on his beloved Trikke. Such was the case for…


The son who gave the President a Trikke

February 13, 2016

How Jack Carter introduced his parents, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, to Trikke carving vehicles He’s the first son of the 39th president of the United States of America. He’s also a runner, a businessman and a Trikke rider. John William “Jack” Carter lives with his wife Elizabeth in Las Vegas, where he operates the investment consulting firm Carter Global. In 2006, he made an unsuccessful bid for the Nevada senate…