Indispensable tool for law enforcement

July 24, 2020

The Trikke Police Specialty Vehicles offers the perfect choice for a new generation of police outreach and enforcement. In this turbulent and divided times, being public defenders of local communities is even more important. The Trikke Police Interceptor was designed to keep officers as effective and efficient as possible in patrolling and other police duties while also providing a more positive and non-threatening image. Equipped with this police scooter, officers…


Let’s keep your tourism company on the smooth path to success. Segway may be gone, but TRIKKE is here to stay.

July 11, 2020

For decades, you’ve relied on Segway Co for your tourism transportation needs, and for good reason. The Segway has been a staple for guided tourism around the country and around the world. Which is why we, along with others like yourself, were shocked by Segway Co pulling out of the professional market. This unexpected abandonment of their flagship product has left countless clients wondering what’s next for their tourism operations…


Electric Trikkes vs. electric scooters

July 2, 2019

Better than Bird? More likable than Lime? Part two of our special feature on Alexandre de Carvalho Lage, a Brazilian Trikke enthusiast who has survived and thrived, despite a challenging accident in his youth. Today, he’s a vibrant, 61-year-old rider and new business model consultant and developer. This installment features Alex’s unique perspective on urban transportation, specifically, electric Trikkes vs electric scooters, such as those offered by companies like Bird,…


Brazilian rider is Trikke’s informal ‘take it to the limit pilot’

May 31, 2019

Living his best life on three wheels There’s no shortage of inspirational stories of how Trikke carving vehicles have transformed the lives of some very inspired and inspiring people. After all, one need look no further than the Trikke Tales of the rider who went from super disabled to Supergirl, thanks to her Trikke, or the rider who went from tragedy to triumph on a Trikke, to bear witness to the…


Trikke Professional Mobility empowering government and national security forces with revolutionary electric transportation vehicles

March 27, 2019

For years, Trikke Tech Inc. has delivered a fun, exciting, and environmentally friendly alternative to public transportation with its high-performance Trikke electric vehicles. Now, Trikke Tech is proud to announce the establishment of Trikke Professional Mobility, dedicated solely to supplying regional and national police institutes, government departments, and private security organizations with industry-leading transportation solutions. The vanguard of this new electric transportation line is the Trikke Defender, a premier electric…



March 19, 2019

“HANDLER?!?!” Who needs a HANDLER?! K9 ATOS reporting for service sir! City of Marietta, Ga., Government Did you know MPD replaced their old “T3” low speed vehicles with new TRIKKES?! Look for them patrolling the square this spring! Original Post from Marietta Police Department Facebook page. Trikke Professional Mobility products and solutions have helped countless organizations, police departments and businesses improve their overall efficiency, presence and relationships within their communities….


Are you looking for a mobility solution to patrol your company, city or community?

February 23, 2019

Trikke Tech celebrates the success of deploying this great professional grade, highest performing and most powerful electric vehicle, to Police Departments, Law Enforcement and Government across the nation. The Trikke Defender is designed for patrolling applications including law enforcement, emergency services, private security, event management and more. It offers the ultimate in maneuverability and portability. Trikke Defenders are powerful, stable, easy to use and thrilling to ride! You can even…


For spectacular Trikke Tours, meet me in St. Louis

October 31, 2018

From the Gateway Arch, that iconic symbol of American expansion, to the sprawling historic public space known as Forest Park, to the Cardinals, the Blues and the Anheuser Busch Brewery, there’s no Midwest city on the Mississippi River quite like St. Louis, the next stop in our periodic segment highlighting Trikke Tours the world over. Whether you’ve never been to the Gateway City or are a lifelong resident, taking a…


In Raleigh, NC, tourists prefer Trikke Tours over Segway

September 24, 2018

For the next stop in our periodic segment highlighting Trikke Tours the world over, we travel to Raleigh, North Carolina, home of Carolina Touring Company (former Triangle Glides), which after 10 years in operation, has firmly decided that touring the city on a three-wheel light electric vehicle provides for a more engaging experience than touring on a Segway. Here’s what else your Triangle Glides tour guides had to say about their tours in our…