Best Trikke stories of 2016

Trikke 2016

New Trikkes and new ventures bode well for the Trikke world

In 2016, Trikke Tech, Inc. continued to carve out its niche in the world with several important developments. Here now, a look back at some of our favorite highlights from the last year.

The new Trikke Freedom delivers freedom and fun.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign at the end of 2015, the Trikke Freedom rolled onto the scene in 2016, offering riders a hybrid experience that’s good for both fitness and transportation. And Freedom riders loved it:

“[Trikke inventor] Gildo Beleski has knocked it out of the park again with the new Freedom,” said Frank Rolak. “At first I thought this Trikke looked too small and flimsy to be a piece of equipment that would work for a 200-pound guy like me. When I was carving at 11 mph against a 20-mph wind at Ocean Beach in San Francisco yesterday… this is the little red machine that could. On flat surfaces, it averages 13-15 mph. Best early Christmas present ever!”

Los Angeles-area riders talk Trikke in fitness video.

Southern California is a hotbed for body-powered Trikkes, what with its multitude of group rides and diverse riders. So who better to speak from the heart in a video about the many fitness benefits of riding a Trikke?

“It’s kind of like a cross-training workout,” noted Gina Alo. “The top part is almost like a boxer with some punching and the bottom part is like a skater, so it’s kind of like you’re cross training and you just have to feel it with your body.”

For more insights by some of the world’s most passionate riders on the Trikke’s benefits—including losing weight and learning to ride a Trikke—check out one of our favorite videos of 2016.

Return of the Trikke Skki.

To the slopes! On an all-new, bright green carving machine with a glossy black frame!

A new and improved Trikke Skki was born in 2016, complete with upgraded frame construction and cambering components, a new front structure and arms, and improved frame geometry and increased cambering range.

The ski blades are now European made with high performance edges, unlike the previous version’s blades, which were made in China. Additionally, the dished surface and grip design has been changed for improved comfort and control.

The new Skki was especially good news in Poland, where Trikke Poland had turned the country into a high-flying, Skki hotbed, of sorts.

Trikke introduces new Mobile Dealer Program.

Looking for a new source of income? Trikke Tech’s new mobile Trikke dealer program is a great way to start a business that gives you flexible hours, low start up costs and minimal overhead. Plus, you’ll enjoy being at the forefront of the electric transportation revolution and doing something to make the world a better place.

The Trikke mobile dealer program gives you freedom when it comes to where, when and how you work. You are the boss of you, demonstrating and selling electric Trikke carving vehicles in the areas you know best.

Trikke Defender makes inroads in security and law enforcement fields.

After extensive research and development, Trikke Tech rolled out the Defender, a rugged, new patrol vehicle for a variety of clients in the security industry. Working with police, fire, and EMS agencies, we created a vehicle that fully addresses the need for more robust, heavy duty service requirements.

This robust Defender patrol vehicle can carry more weight and handles more rugged terrain, while still offering extreme portability, agility and ease of use.  Best of all, it features full, air-shock suspension for a truly comfortable, ergonomic ride for the operator.

Pity the bad guys going up against the Defender.

Trikke Tours expands to more global locations.

The year 2016 also proved to be a banner year for Trikke Tours, the light electric vehicles revolutionizing the guided tours experience at destinations around the globe.

Several new locations made their debut on the Trikke Tours map this past year, including Capetown, South Africa; Muscat, Oman; Samoa; and the Dominican Republic, which now features tours in both Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata. Additionally, passengers on Carnival Cruises can pre-book their Puerto Plata Trikke Tours and be all set for adventure when their ships reach port.

Limited edition, 3×3, all-wheel-drive Trikke makes debut.

Call it Trikke Tech engineer and Trikke inventor Gildo Beleski’s ultimate dream machine: an all-terrain, electric carver ready for anything from sand to mud to more. Ten such limited edition vehicles were produced in 2016 and the feedback was phenomenal:

“I already ride a 48 volt and would rate it at 5 stars for performance, reliability and fun,” said rider Paul Kabashima. “So my new 3×3 deserves, at minimum, 10 stars. The improvement in performance is amazing, resulting in a whole new level of fun. Another plus is that this 3×3 is so, so, so quiet.”

Coming to China: the ultimate Trikke sports park.

in 2016, Trikke Tech entered the fast growing Chinese sports, recreational and tourism market with big dreams. How big? Can you say, a giant theme park featuring all things Trikke?

A joint venture between Trikke Tech Inc., and the newly-formed Trikke China, the first of perhaps 10 Trikke Sports Parks is slated to open in 2017.

“The park is designed to be a fun, family, sports and recreation attraction,” says  Michael Peng, CEO of Trikke China. “It will feature Trikke riding, Trikke skiing, multiple tracks for downhill racing, off-road-style Trikke riding, drifting, e-racing, a Jet Ski-style Trikke water park, a Monster Trikke arena, a Trikke skate park, and a children’s fun park.”

If all goes well, stay tuned for even bigger highlights in 2017. One just might be the debut of a new body-powered Trikke, a Trikke T10, (to stay in the loop, get on this list).

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  1. Does the new 3×3 use the same battery pack as the 48 Deluxe pon- e? I’d like to no the price of the new Defender series,as I can seem to find it posted .
    Does anyone no,if it’s available to the public?

  2. Does the new 3×3 use the same battery pack as the 48 Deluxe pon- e? I’d like to no the price of the new Defender series,as I can’t seem to find it posted .
    Does anyone no,if it’s available to the public?

  3. It must cut the range quite a bit, if the battery pack is running three motors,unless it comes with a larger battery pac.
    The new Defender is exactly what I said to Ttikke. Bigger motor and tires,suspension. I want one. Don’t no availability or price. Take my pon-e on trade???

  4. David

    we have 2 options coming soon
    Pon-e 48v 2WD – (rear wheel drive) 2 motors
    retails at$ 2,999.00
    Battery 16.75Ah
    Speed 17mph -10mph – 3mph
    Booster option tune up to 23mph
    48v 2x300W motor
    600 peak
    At 16mph speed average 20 mile range

    For heavier riders
    Hilly areas
    Better traction with rear wheel drive
    No burn out
    Direct drive motors
    Have lower torque
    Smoother control

    AND Defender 3WD – three wheel drive
    this model is specifically for Patrol market.
    Retails at $6,500

    Please email us if any questions –

      1. Glad you like the Defender front wheel drive. Are you using at SD Airport? We designed the Defender mostly for Patrol. But we could possibly sell to the general public once we have them. We will be assembling here in CA. Email me at and I will keep you posted. Thanks for your comment! Ana

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