The Best Workout for Aging Muscles

Aging takes a toll on your body in ways that we can’t always see. When age happens at the cellular level, muscles get weak because they don’t regenerate as easily as they once did. We all know that exercise is good for you. But did you know the lesser known fact that the type of exercise you do should vary by your age? The best workout for aging muscles depends on your body type, age, and some other factors. Here’s why:

Mitochondria produce energy but it diminishes in vigor and number as we age. According to a study published in Cell Metabolism, high-intensity interval training improved age-related decline in muscle mitochondria. The study also found that cellular health as it relates to aging can be improved by exercise, especially if it was intense.

The good news is that you can use the Trikke active riding experience to engage your whole body. Even the electric version of the Trikke can be body-powered. Whether you’re a thirty-something or seventy-something, a Trikke can get you to move in ways that are good for your hips. One of our customers has this to say:

I am 70 yrs old and bought a Trikke 8 at a garage sale in June. I went home and watched instruction videos on YouTube. I went out and got on my Trikke 8 and away I went, I have never fallen off or even come near to falling off. What a great machine for keeping in shape. My hips haven’t felt this good in years.

– Chris Ebele

Some activity is better than none to promote health during aging. If you understand yourself as you get older, you’ll realize that your body is unique – and your workout should be too! The magic of a Trikke is the way in which it articulates. A rider can turn and lean the vehicle, all while keeping all three wheels on the ground. This is the essence of the technology, which promotes your overall health and well-being.

Even former President Jimmy Carter likes the workout that Trikke offers: “It gives you a workout from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders and your neck.”

If you’re looking for fun, fitness, mobility, and adventure you’re reading the right post! There’s no other workout for again muscles as good as Trikke on the market today. Learn more about how you can invest in Trikke today!  

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  1. Hi!
    I’d like to buy a Trikke, but one thing worries me where can I ride it? Here in Orange County, CA there is a lot of traffic; however, there is not a lot of foot traffic- so should I ride the Trikke on the sidewalk, or
    just ride it in my mobile home community? Maybe I can ride it on bike paths that are along the river washes. What do you suggest? I am 74 years of age.

    1. You should think about attending NRS (National Riding School). Next one is in Denver this summer. It will give you insight into trike and improve your carving skills.

    2. T78cs is the best seller for beginners
      Freedom is a great electric entry level model that you can still propel using your body movement and have electric motor assist when needed
      For more information please emails us at or call us at 1877.487.4553 ext 201

    3. Orange County is a pretty big territory, so it is hard to give you a good answer. Since you are just now considering buying a Trikke, you really need to think of it in stages. Once you buy your trikke, you need to LEARN (Stage 1). This is best done in small un-congested paved basketball courts or level parking lots. Look for parking lots that are not in use such as a office lot for weekends, or a large Church Lot during the week.
      Next, (Stage 2) once you have the basics down, you’ll need to look for routes free of traffic in your area. Go early in the morning before crowds get out. Beaches often have walkways along them and these work well but watch out for loose sand. Try to locate something local that you can go to without having to load your trikke up to get there. focus on level terrain. Finally, you should get to Stage 3…. now look for trails along rivers etc. One way is generally down…. so plan accordingly.
      Finally. You are located in an area of So Cal that has lots of other riders. Look up So Cal Carvers on Facebook. They have organized monthly rides generally on the Last Sat (or Sun) in each month. They can help you develop technique, and identify other trails to consider in your area.

  2. Hi David, are you looking into the body powered or electric model? We have a lot of Trikke riders in Orange County, LA area and bikepaths or sidewalks are fine.

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