The T10 Roadster: Trikke’s new and improved body-powered Trikke

Trikke T10 Roadster
The Trikke T10 Roadster

Newest model Trikke available now via crowd funding campaign

For the first time in several years, Trikke Tech, Inc., will roll out a brand new, body-powered Trikke model, providing enough backers support the crowd funding campaign for the new Trikke T10 Roadster, a carving vehicle packed with the latest innovations in Trikke engineering.

Designed to be a blend of the smaller T8 and the larger T12, the Trikke T10 Roadster replaces both models at the top Trikke Tech’s body-powered, carving vehicle lineup (the numbers refer to the size of the tires in inches). As such, the T10 is built for long rides and a good workout and will become the largest body-powered frame available from Trikke Tech.

150 campaign backers needed!

The crowd funding campaign begins on Friday, July 21, and runs for 60 days. The T10’s regular price is listed at $899, but the discounted price for campaign backers is $810 (includes free shipping within the continental United States along with a special edition Trikke T10 t-shirt and a badge with your name and chosen serial number for the first 150 backers).

The colors of the T10 are still to be determined, but Trikke Tech will take into account the results of a recent social media survey.

A total of 150 backers are needed to bring the Trikke T10 to life—a necessary move, says Trikke CEO Gildo Beleski.

“We need these initial orders to fund the production and initial investment in manufacturing and tooling,” adds Beleski, the Trikke’s inventor and designer known as “G” in the Trikke community. “If we don’t meet the minimum of 150 units pre-ordered, all payments will be refunded.”

Recently, Trikke Tech has focused its efforts on the growing field of electric transportation, making inroads with electric Trikkes for personal and professional use. Meanwhile, body-powered Trikke riders have been clamoring for a new body-powered Trikke model. Trikke enthusiasts love their Trikkes. Many own more than one. The aftermarket market for used Trikkes is brisk, due in part to the lack of supply of new Trikkes. That could all change now for enthusiasts and newbies alike.

New Trikke, new features!

The delivery date for the T10 is January 2018, meaning, in a few short months, you, too, could be carving up the planet on an all-new body-powered Trikke with all-new body-powered features, including the following:

  • Hexagonal shaped pipe aluminum frame for enhanced strength and unique look.
  • The deck is wider on the front end (like your foot), with a redesigned grip mat and rear fender with kick-tail.
  • Improved and cool-looking alloy wheels featuring a reliable and almost maintenance-free drum brake.
  • Upgraded steering headset with sealed bearings.
  • A slick flat handlebar.
  • New easy-up handlebar height adjuster that can be set to any position (no more pre-set holes with push-pin)
  • V3 cambering mechanism (same as the Trikke Pon-e).
  • Light threaded, high pressure, 10″x 2″ fitness tires.

The motivation for this particular size Trikke came from rider feedback, notes Beleski:

“The elusive T10 has been on the design board since 2007 because riders have been craving a Trikke that is a little larger than T8 but not as large as a T12, meaning the perfect size for an all-around ride—one with portability but made for endurance, a true fitness vehicle.”

The T10 is the culmination of decades of Trikke design and engineering by Beleski, who experimented with his first Trikke in 1990. Since bringing the Trikke to market in 2002, over half a million body-powered Trikkes have been sold. The Trikke T10 represents the latest iteration of the three-wheel wonder, replete with all “G” has learned about carving vehicles along the way.

Now you, too, can possess the latest, greatest joyride of the 21st century.

For more information on the Trikke T10 Roadster, go here.

More photos of the T10 Roadster (click to enlarge).

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