How Fitness Inspires Creativity

If you’re feeling sluggish, unproductive, or just lacking creativity, then you probably have noticed that caffeine doesn’t always do the trick. When you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, sometimes the best way to get over the slump is with fitness!

Fitness in itself has been shown to keep the brain healthy, and when your brain is healthy, then your whole body is healthy. A healthy brain is more creative and happier overall, which means that concentration, focus, and drive come easier.

Aside from the long-term benefits of fitness, exercise also has powerful short-term benefits. For instance, exercise releases endorphins, which is the brain’s “feel good” chemical, and it can help quickly pull you out of a creative dry spell.

Exercise also helps your mind and body become more alert. Sometimes, feeling less than creative comes from simply being bored, sleepy, tired, or stressed. The good news is that exercise also helps relieve stress.

Some exercises are better for creativity than others. A run can definitely help get your heart pounding, but a hike can help you connect with nature. As you notice the elements of the world around you, you’ll become immersed in nature – which gets those creative juices flowing!

Yoga is also great for inspiring creativity. Doing light yoga can help connect with your core. This form of meditation can help to increase focus, create calmness, and de-stress.

Another great way to inspire creativity is by hopping on a Trikke. When you ride a Trikke, you use your body to control the direction and speed – this is a great way to cast aside your stresses and connect with nature. Even President Jimmy Carter loves his Trikke! Spending a little time on a Trikke can help you get creative just by letting loose, having fun, and immersing yourself in the world around you!

There are many different ways to inspire creativity, but if you’re looking for a natural, healthy way to do so, then fitness should be your first stop!

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