Globe-Trikking: A play on wheels

The 21st century way to discover the world
Trikkes and Eiffel Tower

The French are famous for coming up with the right word, even if the mot juste isn’t in their native tongue. No surprise then that the monsiour et madames who run Paris Trikkes have a new phrase on their minds, one that suggests not only do the French know the right things to say, they’re also keenly aware of some cool ways to dream, as told to TrikkeWorld in this piece from, ah, oui, Paris Trikkes.

Three wheels, handlebars set high, position elevated – what better way to admire the global landscapes than by Trikke? “Globe-trikking”, a freshly-coined play on words, but an exhilarating and unforgettable play on … wheels !

The word “globe-trotter” has come to evoke anything from the standard definition of a habitual worldwide traveller … to a black comic from a world exhibition basketball team …to a travel map collection from New Holland… and even to high-tech multimedia software.

But “globe-trikker?”

In coining yet another expression to add to the English stockpile of hyphenated words, there’s no risk of mincing them! Because “globe-trikking” is exactly what it inspires – traveling the corners of the globe by Trikke (not necessarily continuously!)

You’ll know, for those of you who remember Time’s 2002 cover story, “Innovations of the Year”, or novelist Randy Boyd’s later tribute, “Trikke is the coolest invention since humans invented the wheel.” (The Trikke: Joyride of the 21st Century by Randy Boyd), that the Trikke is a hybrid human transporter like no other.

At the crossroads of many means of individual transportation, it simply rides like no other. No need for a dangling foot to propel it, just an easy undulating body rhythm and you’re off, feeling like you’re surfing or skiing, without the prerequisite tides or slaloms! This machine, by its very configuration, lends itself to multiple utilizations and the fact that it is light and foldable makes “globe-trikking” one of them.

Three wheels, handlebars set high, position elevated – what better way to admire the global landscapes?

Trikke ParisThe London Times sent one of its reporters to test the Trikke on the cobblestoned, narrow lanes of the medieval city of Canterbury. Both the Trikke and trikker triumphed, supplanting the very notion of old-time “globe-trotting”. (Trotting, by the way, comes from the Old French “troter”, from which, ironically, the word “trottinette”, or child scooter is derived!)

From very far off, the Trikke may resemble a kind of high-set scooter, but upon closer inspection, the mirage-like resemblance vanishes. No scooter, no tricycle, or bicycle for that matter, could ever carve its way through the hilly Tuscan town of Sienna with such ease, or around the tight corners of the famous flea market of Montmartre, or the Athenian Plaka, as any practiced “globe-trikker” knows!

So fold up your Trikke and check it on your flight to wherever. Or, better yet, rent on the spot or take one of the guided Trikke tours cropping up all over. The invention of one wheel may have led to “globe-trotters” but the “globe-trikker’s” vanguard is … three!

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