Green transportation, healthy eating and exercise is gooood living

woman shopping with her Trikke carving vehicleImagine a world in which the majority of people are favoring the use of light, clean transportation for short trips (instead of 3000+ lb.  gas guzzlers), eating more fresh fruits and veggies (and less packaged  foods), and getting outdoors regularly for exercise (instead of living indoor lives of relative inactivity).

The uncluttered, unpolluted city streets would share some of their pavement with the smaller alternative vehicles (safely denoted and protected “green lanes”) and the burden for taking care of all of those that have obesity-related diseases would largely diminish (estimated to be about 10% of all US medical costs…). And,  it seems that we would all be spending more time getting out of our various boxes and living healthier happier lives. The only losers? Big oil, big packaged food co’s, big drug, insurance and medical companies.

Rush hour would transform from choked rivers of cars (and their exhaust and road rage) to flows of commuters on emissions-free vehicles feeling their freedom and the wind in their faces. Like CicLAvia ( every day. Can a commute be fun?  And good for you too? Something to actually look forward to? Sounds like a multi-tasker’s heaven – getting a workout while commuting AND having a nice unpackaged, outdoor experience (although it might be nice to have some streaming NPR while carving along the carless lanes with my clean vehicle-riding cohorts…. That’s doable.).

Quincy Jeffries Trikke CicLAvia

More of this “unpackaged life” is typically pleasing to the human being. Ideally it includes eating food that is not from a box as much as possible and getting yourself and your family consciously out of boxes as well. Out of buildings and out of cars.  Since World War II we’ve been sold this packaged life, and maybe we’re realizing that it just isn’t working anymore. Not for the average human or the planet.

When’s the last time you sustained some unpackaged living? For how long? How was it?

In these screen-centric days we live in, getting out of our boxes might be becoming more and more valuable. For health, balance, community and general recharging. The days of getting up, getting out of your home box and into your road box so that you can park and briefly walk to your work box to stare into a screen all day (for many) so that you can then climb back into your road box to go back to your home box so that you can eat food from a box and sit in a room box to stare into another screen…. I doubt anyone on their death bed is going to say that they wish they spent more time in a box.

Unpackaged living . . . let’s hope it’s very contagious.


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  1. I love this blog! I believe we will see more and more people living an “unpackaged” life. Good news for everyone!

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