Heartwarming testimonial posted on Trikke Facebook page

The following note was posted on the Trikke Facebook page. It’s a story its author, Marcy Scardino, calls “My journey with Trikke.”

I got my Trikke in 2007 for Christmas after seeing it on a late night infomercial. I had never seen one of these used before, never met anyone who had heard of it, and got so frustrated with trying to learn it while dealing with nay sayers that it got lost in the garage and not touched for about half a year. One day, I decided to give it another shot, and fell in love. I was going out and pushing myself every day to get better at it. Took the poly wheels off of my T8 and bought air tires. I was even more hooked. I completed my first ten mile ride in under an hour.

Between moving around for college and work, with the lack of available places to ride, the Trikke started collecting dust again. I picked up a bicycle instead, and was doing well with it, but still knew that I wasn’t getting the workout that I used to with the Trikke. While using my bicycle one day for transportation, WHAM got taken out by a Jeep and broke my leg to the point of needing surgery and hardware put in my leg.

I’m just over 7 months after the accident and I finally built up the confidence and strength to get back on wheels, but not two wheels, three wheels. I know that with the Trikke I can overcome this injury, build back my muscles, and my overall fitness. Today I just did my first full hour of riding on the Trikke after building back up to it with many months of physical therapy.

Not much has changed since I first started riding the Trikke though, people still don’t know what it is, and I still have nay sayers. I can feel my body ache (in a good way) every time I get off of the Trikke, and it’s still fun! If the Trikke can bring be back to the level of athleticism I was at before, there’s no reason I can’t push to be in the 50 or 100 mile rides. I want to be able to do that and educate people about this equipment in such a bad way! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever ridden, anyone can do it, and everyone who does it would benefit from it.

So thank you for such a great invention, and I hope that I can ride the Trikke back to being fit 🙂


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  1. After a continual slide downhill medically due to a high cholesterol condition for the last 4 years … I just found out about this invention and bought a cheep semi replica ‘Y’ Volution “L3” … and although not articulating/cambering it does similar for your muscles.

    However, I’m just trying to find out prices and availability in Canada for them because a friend of mine and I hope to ride 500+ miles from Prince George BC to Vancouver BC starting by mid August on our ‘Children, community, climate, change, challenge’ …

    Re; our project, http://ensensesolutions.com/the-solution-2-pollution/

  2. Good luck Willy!
    My t8 sport must be out of adjustment as a long ride is out of the question. But I make 6-10 miles rides almost daily. In reality I stretched out the front wheel running to high of air pressure. Now its threadbare. I also crushed the front wheel bearing over tightening it when new…Live and learn.

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