How Monica Jeffries lost 110 pounds and found her body by Trikke

Monica Jeffries rides Trikke carving vehicle.
Monica Jeffries at the LSM Ride in May, 2011 (left) and May, 2013 (right).

Many readers of TrikkeWorld are familiar with Quincy Jeffries, the Southern California rider and subject of more than one TWM story, be it his entry onto the Trikke scene, his dominance in the Lighthouse Uphill Challenge, or that cool shot captured by a photographer at a local car-free event. But did you know: his wife Monica is a story in her own right?

While her husband was busy becoming one of So Cal’s top riders, Monica was busy carving out her new body by Trikke and becoming an inspiration to anyone concerned with weight loss. Her journey, however, wasn’t always smooth or easy. In fact, once upon a time, Monica hated the Trikke. So what turned things around? Find out as Monica tells all in Trikke carving vehicle helps her lose 110 pounds, now on The Carving Edge, the new company blog of Trikke Tech, Inc.

  • Disclosure: TrikkeWorld, an independently owned online publication, serves as content manager and is a content provider to The Carving Edge.

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