How to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

2018 is going to be the year you improve your life and keep your fitness resolutions. There, you’ve read it. Now read it again – out loud. You’re on your way to keeping your promise to yourself.

Keeping your fitness resolutions is about more than saying a few words. But by saying those words out loud, you’re taking the first step needed to maintain or improve your health through fitness. You’re determined to achieve your fitness goals. How do you make your fitness resolutions stick?

1. Set Your Mind

Your mindset, how you think about yourself and your fitness goals, is important to your success. Most goals aren’t achieved overnight. You develop a plan, identify specific actions or steps, and then set out to complete those steps, one-by-one until your plan is completed, and your goal is reached. Along the way you may find a step more difficult than expected, but you find a way and keep moving forward.

Use this same approach with your fitness resolutions:

  • First, believe you can do it, because let’s face it, you can. When you have a slow day, remember your best achievements weren’t easy.
  • Second, outline a plan for how you’ll build fitness into your day. You may set aside time a few days a week, or you may schedule blocks of time every day. Create a realistic plan to fit your life.
  • Third, think about the actions (or workouts) you’re willing and able to complete to meet your fitness goal. Challenge yourself but be reasonable when choosing your workout activities. If you want to compete in your first triathlon, start with a quarter mile run or a 15-minute Trikke ride and work your way up.

2. Move Your Body

Let’s be honest. It’s easier to accomplish goals when we like what we’re doing and when we see positive results along the way. These two ideas are key to making your fitness resolutions stick.

3. Find fitness activities you enjoy

Whether you start slowly with moderate intensity exercise or decide to add more high-intensity workouts into your schedule, finding activities you look forward to and want to continue doing will help you stick to your plan. Rediscovering the joy of movement is only limited by your imagination. Think about running along a wooded trail, having a Trikke biking adventure, walking on the beach, playing a game of tennis or shooting hoops at the local gym. All these options will deliver a workout with more fun than work.

4. Take time to notice your results

Are you able to make that half mile walk or run and recover faster? Do you feel stronger and more energized after your daily Trikke ride?  Have you been sleeping better and smiling more?  Strength, energy, recovery time, and less stress – these outcomes are all signs you’re well on your way to achieving your fitness resolutions. Congratulate yourself and keep going.

2018 is going to be the year you make your fitness resolutions stick.

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