How’s this for a fitness regimen: 10 miles on a Trikke, 400 push-ups and 150 pull ups?

Rob Synder is a Florida fitness fanatic whose story in the Tampa Bay Times.

In the video that accompanies the Times story, the über fit Floridian demos a variety of “funky outdoor exercising contraptions,” including his Trikke; while in a more recent YouTube clip, viewers get a closer look at how Synder combines cross training and carving during a Trikke workout.

According to the description of the YouTube video, for Synder, “a typical workout is approximately 10 miles on the Trikke and over 400 push-ups and 150 pull ups … some of the crazy exercises Robs’ discovered, they do so much more than just build muscle …we’re talking power, faster speed, better balance, killer cardio, and increased coordination.”

Don’t see the video? Click here to watch it on the Times website.

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