Indispensable tool for law enforcement

The Trikke Police Specialty Vehicles offers the perfect choice for a new generation of police outreach and enforcement. In this turbulent and divided times, being public defenders of local communities is even more important. The Trikke Police Interceptor was designed to keep officers as effective and efficient as possible in patrolling and other police duties while also providing a more positive and non-threatening image.

Equipped with this police scooter, officers can stay right on the ground with the locals and engage in friendly, non-intimidating interactions. Fast and eco-friendly, it out-performs squad cars for mobility purposes in crowded conditions and multi-terrain scenarios (including indoors). At the same time, it packs a powerful, yet quiet engine that lets users maximize coverage and response times.

“It improves community relations. People are able to interact with us not just see us drive by in the car and kids love them. Much less intimidating. Our guys are showing up to work early to make sure they have one to ride.” Police Officer Mitchel Ashton, Norfolk Police Department.

Patrolling on Wheels

Watch it in action

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