Lighthouse races, anyone? [video]

Video sounds like the Indy 500

Shoreline Aquatic Park, aka Lighthouse Park has become a favorite stopping point during group rides in Long Beach, CA, home of TrikkeWorld Magazine.

Maybe it’s the spiral climb to the top of the park’s hill, where a small clearing surrounds the Lighthouse, offering breath-taking views of the city’s coastal jewels—the Queen Mary, the downtown skyline, the yachts in Rainbow Harbor.

Maybe it’s the iconic photo and video ops, first captured by trikkers during the MLK Jr. Ride in January, 2011, and most recently at the LSM Ride during Memorial Day weekend, 2011.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s what follows the spiral climb to the top of the hill, where the small clearing and breath-taking views await. For after all that viewing and photo op’ing, and maybe a chug or two of water, what must come up, must carve down, as in downhill trikking at the speed of gravity, if you dare.

What a thrill ride, as evidenced in this TrikkeWorldMag Channel video clip of trikkers descending the hill at Lighthouse Park during the May LSM, where the sound of their tires racing past the camera brings to mind race cars racing past thousands in the grandstands. Can a Lighthouse 500 be far behind?

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