Love affair with Trikke begins anew

Jeri and her Black Birdie

I have fallen in love with my Trikke, Black Birdie, many times over. I fell in love with her when I finally learned how to carve. I fell deeper in love when I learned to trust the lean (well — leaning for me). This last weekend I fell even deeper when I took my first Trikke trip to the central coast of California.

A newbie to our local carving group, we’ll call her Wanda (cuz that’s her name), invited me to share the cost of a trip to my favorite place in the world, beautiful Monterey. So, of course, after considering it for a short time, I said “yes” especially because we were going to take our Trikkes.

Since group rides began, I have enjoyed the places I have carved, places I would never have visited except for the rides. I have enjoyed carving in Torrance, Santa Clarita, Newport Beach and its Back Bay and the Santa Fe Dam. I now can add the wind-swept Monterey Bay area.

We connected with Douglass Weymouth, aka Douguss Amonguss, from Santa Cruz, and he showed us a nice flat trail that led to Fisherman’s Wharf. We watched the harbor seals and otters waiting for lunch from the local fishermen. We took lots of pictures of us hamming for the camera. And we traveled about five miles along a beautiful bike path that continues to wind around the Monterey Peninsula and through 17-Mile Drive. We didn’t take the path very far because the wind was slapping against us and my fellow carvers were on T12’s while I was carving up the rear in my best effort to keep up on my little T8. (Note to self: seriously consider an upgrade!)

Jeri Thompson with a group of Trikke friends

No one in the area had seen a Trikke except for the infomercial, so we garnered lots of attention, something we girls really like anyway. Since many of you are my friends on Facebook, check me out and see photos and video of our trip, including feeding and petting wild squirrels off of Highway 1. I know what you think, wild squirrels? But really, they were probably on vacation too!

Since I started riding a Trikke my whole world has gotten bigger and better. I know people from around the globe and have instant friends wherever I find another carver. I have access to the locals-only secrets and their trails. I am connected! I am strong! And I am in love with an object of metal and rubber called a Trikke carving vehicle. This is the season of the Trikke and I will make the most of it.


Story first published by Trikke World Magazine Apr 19, 2013

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  1. in glad you’re having lots of fun! I enjoy mine so much too… Wish I live near a trikke group but I live in the woods in Leakey Texas. A beautiful place with lots of hills. Is so nice reading all the comments . Keep having fun and keep posting!

  2. I am from Alaska, but will be in the Palm Springs area for six weeks, starting in Nov. Does anyone know of a Trikke trainer who could give me a lesson or two? I’d be willing to drive several hours from there. Thanks.

  3. Would like to get in touch with any trike riders in the Oklahoma City area. I have only had my trike for 3 months and have not been able to ride as much as I would like. Haven’t taken my first spill yet but riding with someone else to help me get the hang of this would be most helpful. Please e-mail me. Thanks.

  4. hello out there in trike land. i live in riverside, conn, have been triking for seven years. hundreds of people ask me how to acquire one. i have not seen one since i have been triking. you guys are lucky to have people to trike with it must be fun . we have a beautiful beach/park with a two and one have mile track bordering long island sound , very beautiful. just thought i would drop a line to someone out there in trike land.
    my best

  5. I`m looking for friends to carve with in Palm Cost FL.!!
    I been a owner T8air for 3 yrs. Move here from Shreveport LA.18 month ago.
    I learned by watching video and my experience skating and skiing.

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