Help us make #Trikke history in 2017!

Use #Trikke on social media

To be a part of #Trikke history, use “#Trikke” on social media.

The year 2017: yet another year where Trikke’s three-wheel carving vehicles are carving up the planet. From Trikke tours to fitness Trikkes to electric security Trikkes, the joyride of the 21st century makes history every single year.

This year, make history with us by hashtaging all your Trikke post on social media (insert the # symbol before the word “Trikke.” Just one #Trikke needed per post).

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media outlets, if you’re carving up the planet on a Trikke and posting about all the fun you’re having, simply using #Trikke will link your posts to all the other posts on that social media network using the same hashtag.

# + Trikke = #Trikke (Spoken translation: “hashtag Trikke”).

Going for a ride on a sunny day and loving the the way Trikke does your body good? Use #Trikke when you share it with your friends on Facebook.

Seeing the sights of some beautiful foreign land by carving through the landscape on a Trikke tour? Use #Trikke when sharing it with your followers on Instagram.

Making a video of yourself cruising down the road, having the time of your life on a Trikke? Use #Trikke when you upload it to YouTube.

Taking a photo that shows how Trikkes are a great mode of electric and green transportation? When uploading to Twitter, use #Trikke at least once in your post.

It’s that simple. Using #Trikke on most social media outlets will link you up to most of the other #Trikke posts on any given social media outlet (obviously, with exceptions).

In short: using #Trikke creates a running history of how we in the Trikke world are making history! It also allows you to be part of our ongoing Trikke on Social Media and Instagram pages. How cool is that?

So be a part of history and remember to use #Trikke.

Now this whole “hash-tagging your social media posts” can go way deeper than that.

You could, for instance, add other tags to further categorize your Trikke posts, such as, #Trikketours, or #Trikkefitness or #TrikkeLSM — or make up your own, which further subcategorize your posts, making accessible to anyone interested in those particular subcategories.

But most importantly: to be a part of #Trikke history, use #Trikke.

Imagine if social media existed, say, 150 years ago, and we could see the posts of the first humans to experience the thrill of riding a bike.

Now imagine future humans seeing the collective reactions of the first humans to experience the thrill of riding a Trikke — all because we used #Trikke on social media!

Simple as that. Now let’s make #Trikke history.

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