Mother of two boys: I found my thrill. It’s called a Trikke!

“It makes me feel like a kid with a new toy!”

I bought a Trikke carving vehicle so could have something to ride when I took my two boys to the park or to practice. I got so much more!

My first few days of riding were fun but tough. I felt I wasn’t getting “it,” so I looked up “Trikke” on the internet and found SouthBay Trikke, which was in my area. I took down the number and eventually went over and met Andy Pliska, who checked out my Trikke, put air in the tires and fixed all the tweaks. He then gave me a short lesson, encouragement and I was on my way.

I went home and showed my skeptical 13-year-old son what I had learned. He picked it up right away! The very next weekend was the Last Saturday of the Month (LSM) Ride and it was at Torrance Beach, right in my neighborhood. Before the ride, I got to take another lesson (from Andy), then my boys and I were able to be a part of Trikke history. With 54 riders, it was the largest group Trikke ride in Southern California, to date, on June 30, 2012.

Niki Akbik and her two sons

“My boys said it was one of the most fun days in their life …”

After the ride, there was an open house and BBQ at the new SouthBay Trikke shop, where I got to meet all the So Cal Carvers club members, who brought food and drinks, and even Trikke inventor Gildo “G” Beleski and his lovely family. There were Trikkes to ride and “G” let everyone ride a go-cart he made for his boys.

My boys said it was one of the most fun days in their life, and I have to agree!

Now, I’m not an athlete, but I’m able to ride around my hilly block. People stop me all the time and ask about my Trikke. One day, my friend saw a local Trikke athlete climbing a super steep hill in our neighborhood and later, she flagged me down to ask me about mine.

“I have it here in my van,” I told her. “Want to see it?”

I was so happy she tried it out. I got to see myself in her — all-new again — and the progress I have made.

See, I have always been tall, heavy and sometimes, a bit awkward. But now, when I ride my Trikke, it makes me feel like a kid with a new toy! There have been frustrating times — I live in a hilly area and it took me a while to get the hang of it. But with the encouragement from the club, LSM rides, friends and family, I am riding more, getting in better shape and having fun while I am doing it.

Thank you, Trikke, and So Cal Carvers!

In my area, there’s So Cal Carvers, SouthBay Trikke with Andy Pliska (Trikke Andy), who is a trainer, dealer and great Trikke mechanic. And the best for last… Trikke World Magazine!!! Thanks to an amazing Randy Boyd.

Who would have guessed, all this from buying a new toy!


Story first publish March 2013 by Trikke Wolrd Magazine

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  1. What is the best model for beginners? I’m heavy & this sounds fun & healthy! I live in Texas & it appears that there are no Trike dealers anywhere near this area. BTW, I’m 61 years old!

    1. I have a Trikke pon-e V48 (battery-powered). I’d always been very active, but then developed a bad hip, so I went with the battery-powered Trikke. I still do the carving motion, tho, for the exercise…I just don’t have to worry about how much my hip can take cuz I have the battery to help. (Don’t expect to be able to ride this model without using the battery, tho…it’s too heavy and isn’t really made for carving without using the battery.) I hope to get their 3W drive one eventually…it goes even faster! (I’ll be 66 in March.)

  2. Yes, I too live in Texas and the nearest dealer lives an hour and a half from me. What is the best model for beginners for heavy person? I have bought the C7 and a C7/8. I haven’t tried them because I am afraid I will break them or figure out how to use the. I want to have fun with my family before my kids leave home.

  3. Dear Cherry,
    That sounds real fun, you are very fortunate to have a place to go to that is close to you, I must live in a bad area we don’t have anyone in a close proximity to my area. It looks real fun and I am really glad you where able to pick it up so fast. I think that these Trikkes are the best thing for people who are looking for a great work out. it’s just having fun and getting the benefit all so.

  4. Hey Brenda..Its nearly impossible to hurt a trike. Go check out the tons of Trikke content on YouTube. Excellent instructions on riding and adjusting. Try the C7/8. Polly’s on the rear and 1 air tire on the front. Really nicely priced experimental(experimental for you that is) Trikke. Heck I still ride the original Silver aluminum T8 Polly trikke from way back in the day. I also have a new t8 sport. When theres no wind and i want to haul tail. Out comes the old to hear the kids yell cool. and the gals always ask if its fun…Dang right it is..And then I show off a little..keep Carvin Marvin! And when you get good you can race bicyclists. It really gets fun when you beat one.

  5. I ‘ve owned my Trikke for a number of years. I tried to learn how to ride, but I just don’t get it. I live in Pasadena, are there any trainers out there that live close.

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