New Trikke Tour offers fun new way to see Nashville, Tennessee

Trikke tours
Downtown Nashville Electric Trikke Tour promises a crazy-fun tour.

From Athens to Waikiki, Trikke Light Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing guided tours and providing a fun new way to sightsee the world for couples, families, lone travelers, businesses and organizations alike. Is there a safer, more fun and adventurous way to take in the local sights and sounds? We’ll let you be the judge in our new, periodic segment spotlighting the many different Trikke Tours available the world over.

First up, Nashville, Tennessee, where Dabble Studio‘s Downtown Nashville Electric Trikke Tour promises “you’ll be three-wheelin’ and free-wheelin’ on a crazy-fun tour through the city’s most interesting sites!”

So what makes Trikke touring Music City so special? Here’s what your tour guides at Dabble Studio had to say in our Q&A:

Q: What are the advantages of taking a Trikke tour, as opposed to other kinds of tours, including walking tours, bus tours, bike tours and other tours of Nashville?
A: Trikkes offer the very best combination of being easy to use, safe, and fun. We offer walking tours, as well as van and bus tours, but the Trikkes are the best way to cover more pedestrian-friendly ground in the same amount of time, and to get to places that vans or walking tours can’t access. It’s an active experience that doesn’t limit you to a small area and gives you the thrill of breezing along effortlessly.

Q: What kind of people are best suited for Trikke tours?
A: Really, we’ve found that everyone loves them. Older guests can cover more ground without as much exertion. Younger guests love the excitement of controlling their own electric vehicle. It’s a great outing for locals who want to explore things they never knew existed, and visitors find that it’s the best way to schedule an adventure for themselves while also learning about our city, culture, history, and food.

“Trikkes are our very favorite new way to see Nashville.”

Q: What are some of the things people might see on a Trikke tour that they might not see on other tours?
A: Our tours visit many areas of town that just don’t make sense with walking or van-based tours. The state Capitol grounds are a great example — there is so much there that is interesting but walking up the hill, or trying to park in the restricted government areas are both pretty daunting. Zipping in on a Trikke makes it a unique and wonderful discovery without any of the effort. We also climb to the top of one of Nashville’s hills that would take much longer on a walk, and that has no parking for a van. It’s simple, quick, and fun to ascend the hills with a Trikke!

Q: Is riding an electric Trikke for a Trikke tour easy for most people to learn?
A: Trikkes are so easy, intuitive, so naturally stable and safe that we find most people are comfortable with them in no time at all. We offer a brief training in a confined parking lot that quickly allows people to get comfortable on the Trikkes.

Q: What kinds of reactions do you get from people who have been on your Trikke tour?
A: “The best way to see Nashville,” “Oh, my goodness, I never knew that the sights we discovered on the Trikke tour were there and I’ve lived here for years!” and “Wow! Now, that was fun!” are all things we’ve heard. A Trikke tour is the highlight of many people’s trip and is an unexpectedly exciting outing for locals as well.
It’s worth noting, too, that we get all kinds of reactions every single day from the people we pass along the way, including, “Wow, those are awesome,” “Where did you get those?” and “Those look really fun!”

Q: Are Trikke tours good for groups or organizations? Why?
A: We find that the small group is the best way for people to experience a tour. Groups love to discover new things together, and we provide team building outings every week. Having more than 6 or 8 in a group can be difficult to manage on a guided tour with Trikkes, so we keep the groups small. Guests always love to share their reactions to the technology, the things they explore and discover together, and they also get to share the memories they make together on this amazing vehicle.

Q: What are some of your favorite stops along your Trikke tour?
A: We love sharing Bicentennial Mall and the Carillon Park, as well as Fort Nashborough, the Country Music Walk of Fame, and the State Capitol grounds. It’s a blast to breeze along the riverfront with its parks and sculpture. Crossing the Pedestrian Bridge over the Cumberland River is also unique on a Trikke!

Q: How old do you have to be to go on a Trikke tour?
A: We limit our tours to guests at least 14 years old.

Q: Anything else you would like to add about Downtown Nashville Electric Trikke Tour?
A: Trikkes are our very favorite new way to see Nashville. If you want an experience that lets you cover three times the ground of a walking tour in less time, and provides a fun and active experience along the way, there’s no beating the Trikke experience. We’ve ridden Segways, bikes, dogsleds, and all sort of personal transportation devices and these are by far our favorite way to explore downtown areas. Come see us in Nashville! We’d love to show you around!

Photos from Downtown Nashville Electric Trikke Tour:

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  1. Lovin’ my Freedom! No Problems putting it together. I have ridden it several places in my town and have received several comments. Lurking in the back of my brain is an opportunity to set up some Trikke tours in my town…

  2. I own 3 Trikkes. The first 2 (T78CS) went together with no problem. It’s good to watch assembly videosI had trouble putting the Freedom together. I called the number on the website and their customer service talked me through the assembly issue and even sent me a video. Give them a call. The Trikke is so much fun to ride. Don’t give up without giving them a chance to help.

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