New Trikke fitness video highlights the joy of Trikke

Southern California Trikke riders speak from the heart about the many benefits of riding Trikkes

Trikke carving vehicles are the ultimate fitness machine, giving you a new and engaging kind of workout that firms your entire body and burns more calories than riding a bike. But just how amazing and addictive is this new riding sensation? Here’s how riders from the So Cal Carvers Trikke Club in the Los Angeles-area describe their passion for riding Trikkes in a new video:

On people’s reactions:

“The first reaction is a smile,” says Wilson Wong, “then I get questions asking what is that?”

“A lot of people laugh and say ‘wow,’” says Gina Alo. “Kids will say ‘look!’ and point it out to their parents,”

“I always get excitement from people saying ‘wow, what is that, can I get on it?’” says Juan Ortega.

“Some people say it looks like a lot of work, but I always tell them, it’s a blast, too,” says Debbie Bumgardner.

“They ask me where the motor is and I point to myself and say my body is the motor,” says Ortega.

On losing weight:

“Trikke carving vehicles are perfect for losing weight,” says Randy Boyd. “The testimonials just keep coming in, people losing 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds and more.”

“My goal was to lose 100 pounds,” says Danielle Adams. “I lost 75 pounds just riding on the Santa Monica bike path. Trikke is a blast to ride, so I never get bored. You really can’t beat it for a work out that’s fun to do.”

“Danielle is just one of the many Trikke enthusiasts who have carved off the pounds,” notes Andy Pliska.

“I lost 50 pounds, and also my high blood pressure and high cholesterol went down,” adds Juan Ortega.

On the Trikke’s benefits:

“A Trikke is a three-wheel carving vehicle that engages my entire body,” says Pliska. “I’m not only using my arms but my chest, my core, the extension of my legs and the fantastic carving motion that allows the physics of this vehicle to propel itself forward.”

“For me the benefits of riding the Trikke are many because I can burn calories and use it for a stress relief after a long day at the office,” says Debbie Bumgardner.

“For me it’s therapy,” says Wilson Wong. “The workout in and of itself is awesome, but when you get to ride and you get some miles in, it’s really relaxing.”

“It really goes into many parts of my life because I have better balance, I’m so much thinner, I feel so much better and I’m able to do things that I never thought I’d be able to do at my age,” adds Bumgardner.

“It’s kind of like a cross-training workout,” notes Gina Alo. “The top part is almost like a boxer with some punching and the bottom part is like a skater, so it’s kind of like you’re cross training and you just have to feel it with your body.”

On learning to ride a Trikke:

“It’s the best workout that doesn’t feel like a workout,” says Randy Boyd. “People ask me if it’s hard. No it’s not hard, it’s just fun.”

“You can get on a Trikke and be riding in five or 10 minutes,” says Juan Ortega. “Little kids will get on it without telling them anything and they’ll be riding right away.”

“You’ve got to trust the lean,” says Wilson Wong.

“After an half hour or so I started to get it going a little better,” says Gina Alo. “Once I really felt the flow of it, then I was completely addicted and I was doing it two hours a day, really loving it. There’s a rhythm to it. You just get into a groove and it makes you feel relaxed. like you’ve been meditating for half an hour.”

But wait, there’s more:

“One of the great things about the Trikke carving vehicle is its portability. Whenever I take it with me, all I have to do is fold it down and off I go,” says Andy Pliska, who asks viewers, “Why not give it a try yourself?”

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  1. I like this promotional video very much.I can definitely use this to promote the trikkes.
    I myself ,I am sixty two years old,and the Trikke has changed my life.
    It has changed the life of Someone close to me.I do not take any medication whatsoever .what is the sense of getting old,?If you are not healthy to enjoy it.the Trikke provides a level of fitness that is unique. You have to experience it yourself.the investment in health is priceless.ENJOY!!!!

  2. I am 76 and I TRIKKE 100 miles a month around the pleasant streets of Naperville one of my 5 TRIKKES. I am in the best shape ever. Last August my family joined 66 others from 12 States and we Trikked around the Indianapolis 500 Speedway Track. I am addicted. Best exercise ever, disguised as fun. PS: helps balance my 6 days a week running my own business.


  3. Hi,
    I am 46 years old and I am from Romania.
    Use a Trikke in 2004, but sadly am the only from the city owner of the Trikke.
    I tried to persuade and others to buy Trikke but here are rather expensive.
    Hope that ever to get to to walk at your side and be part of an club.
    With Trikke I feel like really live.

    (Sorry, I hope the translation is smooth)

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