No ‘dork factor’ for cops on patrol on Trikke carving vehicles

Santa Barbara Police choose three-wheel, electric carver over ‘Mall Cop’ Segways.

Santa Barbara Police Department
Santa Barbara Police Department

Quick and agile, hard to miss and helpful at suppressing criminal behavior. Those are some of the reasons the Santa Barbara Police Department has added electric Trikke carving vehicles to its law enforcement lineup, according to an article in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Bicycle cops tend to get lost in the shuffle, explains Sgt. Ed Olson in the piece. He also adds that the details of Trikkes’ deployment are still a work in progress, but one thing is certain: the three-wheel carver was deemed better for the department than the Segway, given Segway’s higher price tag and the “whole dork factor,” otherwise known as the “the mall cop thing,” according to Sgt. Olson.

The Santa Barbara  Police Department demoed the Segways for some time before demoing the Trikke EVs, and said that the officers didn’t like it much when people would shout “Mall Cop!” from their cars as they passed by. On the other hand,  Sergeant Olson appreciated that numerous pedestrians were saying “Cool!” as he rode by on the Trikke EV.

Read the entire article, Cops on Trikkes: Two Patrol Officers Will Soon Ride Three-Wheeled, Electric-Powered Scooters.

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