No ‘dork factor’ for cops on patrol on Trikke carving vehicles

Santa Barbara Police choose three-wheel, electric carver over ‘Mall Cop’ Segways. Quick and agile, hard to miss and helpful at suppressing criminal behavior. Those are some of the reasons the Santa Barbara Police Department has added electric Trikke carving vehicles to its law enforcement lineup, according to an article in the Santa Barbara Independent. Bicycle cops tend to get lost in the shuffle, explains Sgt. Ed Olson in the piece. He…

Policeman rides Trikke carving vehicle

Trikke vs. Segways, T-3’s and bikes: the verdict, according to police and security personnel

“Bicycles are ho-hum. Segways are nerdy. T-3 vehicles are too expensive and don’t go anywhere.” Those are some of the recent comments relayed to Gerry Baranano, Trikke Tech security relations consultant, when he interviewed a number of police officers and security personnel currently using Trikke’s electric vehicles on patrol. According to the feedback, a major problem with the Segway has been the injury factor. The Las Vegas office of a…

woman shopping with her Trikke carving vehicle

Green transportation, healthy eating and exercise is gooood living

Imagine a world in which the majority of people are favoring the use of light, clean transportation for short trips (instead of 3000+ lb.  gas guzzlers), eating more fresh fruits and veggies (and less packaged  foods), and getting outdoors regularly for exercise (instead of living indoor lives of relative inactivity). The uncluttered, unpolluted city streets would share some of their pavement with the smaller alternative vehicles (safely denoted and protected…


Trikke Security

Trikke is the new kid on the block for police and security mobility. Trikke is getting traction in the fields of security and law enforcement as an alternative vehicle for patrol. This makes me ponder the concept of security and how it resonates thematically for Trikke on various levels. Security isn’t just something officers provide against the bad guys. It’s also (generally speaking) freedom from danger and freedom from anxiety…


Photog captures great shot of Quincy Jeffries at CicLAvia

“A CicLAvia participant rides a Trikke vehicle down Main Street in downtown L.A. during CicLAvia on Sunday,” says the caption of a LA Times reader photo by Sterling Davis. That participant is Quincy Jeffries, Southern California Trikke rider and a familiar name and face in the Trikke world. Behind him in the photo are fellow carvers (left to right) Monica Jeffries (Quincy’s wife), Juan Ortega and Martin Vasilevski. The occasion was Sunday’s CicLAvia, a “car-free”…

female abs behind Trikke

Trikke fitness, weight loss, wellness – it’s all healing…

As we embark upon this new Trikke blog, we have noticed that healing encapsulates a lot of the themes that continue to pop up in user testimonials – whether those testimonials are about weight loss, fitness, rehabilitation, or a general strength and wellness program. Certainly Trikke offers an invitation to get out into the sunshine to feel the wind on your face and ride, but ride where? Ride how? Why…


Cool Instagram photos featuring Trikke carving vehicles

What do you get when the Trikke world carves up Planet Instagram? Cool carving pix on the popular social network that revolves around the taking, “filterizing” and sharing of digital photos. Speaking of, here’s a few trikkified Instagram photos we thought worth sharing ourselves. To find out more about each Instagramer, click on each photo: I'm an official Trikker now! #trikke #socaltrikkers #keepontrikken #lsm A photo posted by Michelle Moore…


Video showcasing 21st century P.E. class features Trikkes

Keeping kids healthy, active and moving. This isn’t your grandfather’s physical education. A video called Designed to Move at Sierra Vista Jr. High contrasts the difference between old school P.E., which was about teaching sports — baseball, basketball, soccer — and new P.E., which is about teaching fitness over skills. Today’s gym class equipment: heart-rate monitors, rock climbing walls and Trikkes. A blogpost describing the Canyon Country, California school’s P.E….


Carving in the key of ‘G’ [videos]

Video tribute to the man who invented the Trikke. The first time I met Trikke inventor Gildo Beleski — also known as “G” — was in 2009, when my wife, Sally and I visited Trikke Tech headquarters in Buellton, California. We had been carving our first T8’s since December, 2008, and were just getting excited about the whole Trikke experience. Little did we know how hooked we would become. We’re now extreme…