Second childhood for a senior and his Trikke (video)

Larry MehlmauerInspirational video wins hearts and contest

Who needs a Cocoon to restore one’s youth and vigor when you can carve your way to better health on a Trikke? Such is the case for Larry Mehlmauer, a 70-year-old super senior from Medford, Oregon, who submitted the winning video to Trikke Tech in the company’s testimonial contest.

His words in the clip are sweet carvings to a Trikke rider’s soul, poetry even, and definitely worth preserving on the chronicle of the carving revolution. Check them out below and stay tuned to TrikkeWorld for our exclusive interview with Larry Mehlmauer.

A Trikke Lover in Action

The steeper the hill, the bigger the thrill.

What can you do in your average parking lot, with your average Trikke and your average 70-year-old? I’ll show ya.

Great exercise. Great fun. A second childhood. Not bad for a 70 year-old with heart disease, diabetes, coronary stint, seven prescription drugs, sleep apnea, hearing impaired, the list goes on.

Most people call this a Trikke. To me, this is a life saver.

Ten years ago, I had massive heart attack, then came diabetes. Now I’m overdue for a knee replacement and the list goes on

I’m having more fun than 70-year-olds should be allowed to have, all because of a little fitness machine called a Trikke.


My Trikke has given me a new life. It’s great exercise, great fun and a second childhood.

I love it.

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