Electric Trikkes vs. electric scooters

July 2, 2019

Better than Bird? More likable than Lime? Part two of our special feature on Alexandre de Carvalho Lage, a Brazilian Trikke enthusiast who has survived and thrived, despite a challenging accident in his youth. Today, he’s a vibrant, 61-year-old rider and new business model consultant and developer. This installment features Alex’s unique perspective on urban transportation, specifically, electric Trikkes vs electric scooters, such as those offered by companies like Bird,…


Brazilian rider is Trikke’s informal ‘take it to the limit pilot’

May 31, 2019

Living his best life on three wheels There’s no shortage of inspirational stories of how Trikke carving vehicles have transformed the lives of some very inspired and inspiring people. After all, one need look no further than the Trikke Tales of the rider who went from super disabled to Supergirl, thanks to her Trikke, or the rider who went from tragedy to triumph on a Trikke, to bear witness to the…


Trikke designer recalls the genesis of Trikke

man rides Trikkes
March 8, 2017

Gildo Beleski, designer of Trikke carving vehicles, on how he created the Trikke. Back in late 80s in Brazil, I tried skateboards and roller skates. The carving motion was like magic. Playing with gravity gave me a wonderful feeling like no other. But … I realized: at any moment, I could lose balance or have a hard time trying to stop. And the falls and crashes… I didn’t like that part. Having ridden…


The son who gave the President a Trikke

February 13, 2016

How Jack Carter introduced his parents, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, to Trikke carving vehicles He’s the first son of the 39th president of the United States of America. He’s also a runner, a businessman and a Trikke rider. John William “Jack” Carter lives with his wife Elizabeth in Las Vegas, where he operates the investment consulting firm Carter Global. In 2006, he made an unsuccessful bid for the Nevada senate…