Senior hates exercise but loves his Trikke

July 6, 2015

“I hate exercise. I really hate it. I’ve tried everything from rowing machines to stationary bikes to elliptical machines. The Trikke is truly a miracle machine.” Larry Mehlmauer is having a second childhood, quite a miracle, considering he’s 70 years-old. Factor in a host of health challenges — including a massive heart attack and diabetes — and some might call that more than a miracle. “I’m having more fun than…


Wall Street Journal kitesurfer talks Trikke, being fit and healthy at age 74

June 26, 2015

  Louis Gomez was the 73 year-old subject of 2012 Wall Street Journal article highlighting his newfound love for kitesurfing, or kiteboarding. The piece stated that Gomez also rode a Trikke T8, but little was revealed about his trikkified life. Until now. The now 74-year-old Gomez talks Trikke in a new interview on The Carving Edge, the blog of Trikke Tech, Inc.. In the interview, the Florida senior shares how…


Videos by EeeeDeeeGaahhhh

Edg Duveyoung lives in Madison, Wisconsin and has ridden Trikke Carving Vehicles since 2003. He enjoys riding his Skki by Trikke and his MagicPie3 now but has a history of trick riding on his T-12 and T-8. He has some skills that I would like to learn. Edg has a close friend and riding companion as well as mechanic in Ron Peck, who is also a Certified Trikke Trainer. Having…

January 10, 2015

New Trikke T78cs land speed record!

December 20, 2013

Somebody alert the media! Call Guinness Book of World Records! I just broke the East Texas Trikke T78cs land speed record! And I’m a little prone to drastic exaggeration! And it wasn’t so much a speed record as a new personal best…  Yeah, it’s anticlimactic for you, but it’s still a big deal for me – so why not share my happiness with Trikke-O-Babble-ophiles the world over? Heaven only knows…


Visualize ‘the lean’ on your Trikke carving vehicle

  One of the most effective ways to change something about ourselves is through visualization. In sports it is no different. If you want a meaner lean, visualize it. Practice Trikke carving in your mind and when you get out on the pavement you will find improvement in your technique. That is just one topic covered under the umbrella of sports psychology. This post started as a question: “Does your…

June 13, 2013

How Monica Jeffries lost 110 pounds and found her body by Trikke

Many readers of TrikkeWorld are familiar with Quincy Jeffries, the Southern California rider and subject of more than one TWM story, be it his entry onto the Trikke scene, his dominance in the Lighthouse Uphill Challenge, or that cool shot captured by a photographer at a local car-free event. But did you know: his wife Monica is a story in her own right? While her husband was busy becoming one…

June 12, 2013

Photog captures great shot of Quincy Jeffries at CicLAvia

April 22, 2013

“A CicLAvia participant rides a Trikke vehicle down Main Street in downtown L.A. during CicLAvia on Sunday,” says the caption of a LA Times reader photo by Sterling Davis. That participant is Quincy Jeffries, Southern California Trikke rider and a familiar name and face in the Trikke world. Behind him in the photo are fellow carvers (left to right) Monica Jeffries (Quincy’s wife), Juan Ortega and Martin Vasilevski. The occasion was Sunday’s CicLAvia, a “car-free”…


Overweight as a child, overcoming as a woman

October 24, 2012

‘I silently vowed that if I ever reached 200 pounds, I would kill myself.’ In the spring of 2007, I reached the moment of truth regarding my weight. In a visit to my doctor, I was horrified to find I was well over 200 pounds. My diet of choice, which had worked adequately for a few years, was just not doing the job anymore. To be honest, maybe that charge…


Carving my way to better health on my Trikke

June 20, 2012

D.C. photojournalist has all but forgotten about his bike. I’m a 43-year-old photojournalist in Washington D.C., who bought my Trikke three years ago after seeing it on a late-night infomercial and thinking: it looks like a lot of fun …. and it is! For the first two years, I used it for recreation, which was just fine, I mean, that is what it’s for, right? Since then, I’ve started using…