The Trikke ride that changed their lives

May 26, 2012

‘Newbies’ remember the May, 2011 LSM Ride in Long Beach, Calif. A year ago this time, the known population of the Southern California Trikke community was perhaps forty people and a monthly event called the Last Saturday of the Month Ride had occurred three times, drawing a total of 29 riders. Then May rolled around and the LSM Ride in Long Beach proved to be a watershed moment for the…


A Trikke Family Christmas

December 26, 2011

Three generations of McKeevers experience the joy of carving. ’Twas right before Christmas and Santa Claus carved out a very special treat for one very special family. Our merry tale begins with Pam and John, who met in kindergarten, then followed separate paths around the world until coming together again as adults. Their love blossomed; they became one: John and Pam McKeever. They were blessed with two sons, who blessed…


From Tragedy to Triumph on a Trikke

December 1, 2011

Former female bodybuilder finds new life on three wheels. In my mid-20’s, I had a bad self-image. Women’s bodybuilding was in its early stages and I decided to train with weights to get into shape. Soon after, sculpting my body with weights turned into one of my passions. I went from training in my basement, to being the one of the first women to join a men’s gym, to becoming…


Second childhood for a senior and his Trikke (video)

Inspirational video wins hearts and contest Who needs a Cocoon to restore one’s youth and vigor when you can carve your way to better health on a Trikke? Such is the case for Larry Mehlmauer, a 70-year-old super senior from Medford, Oregon, who submitted the winning video to Trikke Tech in the company’s testimonial contest. His words in the clip are sweet carvings to a Trikke rider’s soul, poetry even,…

October 26, 2011

Trikke newbie creates magic of his own

July 1, 2011

Our Q&A with TWM’s next top carver He first learned there was a thing called Trikke on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, he bought his first three-wheel joyride, a demo model from Sports Chalet. He tried it but didn’t like it, wanted to give up, as a matter of fact. But before doing so, he returned to YouTube and realized the tires on his new toy needed more air. Since then, Quincy…


Record Attendance at Southern California Trikke Ride

May 28, 2011

They Came, They Carved, They Conquered A total of 45 So Cal carvers rock and rolled their way along the Pacific Coast during today’s Last Saturday of the Month Ride in Long Beach, setting a new attendance record for a group Trikke ride in Southern California. The May edition of the LSM Ride, sponsored by SouthBay Trikke, Long Beach Trikkers and TrikkeWorld Magazine, signaled the unofficial start of the summer…