Show Me How to Ride a Trikke, Really?

That question gets thrown at me all the time. And then it’s followed by one of two phrases, either “Hey that looks like fun”, or “Boy that looks like work”. The second phrase depends on you. Did you look like you were struggling or were you flowing like a graceful bird.

Learning to ride the Trikke carving vehicle is one of those things that is different for everyone. Some have a simple transition, they just get on and go. Others find this a challenge that either needs to be conquered or given up while admitting defeat, and usually the latter is not an option.

When I first learned to ride a Trikke, I was able to get on and make it move right away. I did however sit and watch others before doing so. I surf a bit and the flow was easy for me to pick up, but that was it. I went about 25feet down the street, turned around and came back. It felt more like I was dared to make it go. Then I saw my 15yr old nephew get on it and rip down the street, he was just gliding in between everyone and everything. This was a block party so the street was wide open to ride on. I thought to myself, oh hell no, bring that thing back over here. My journey was born.

Sometimes all it takes to get someone rolling is to show them what is really happening. For me, seeing and kinda studying someone doing it correctly is all I needed. Believe me when I say there are many facets and depth to the techniques that you can learn while riding a Trikke. We can teach you more than you realize, Really! I still learn new things today. This is something that is crafted over time. You are always learning and refining. With practice it just gets better and better as you carve your path.

This video has some basics things to focus on when first learning to ride a Trikke. I hope this can help someone who is struggling with making their Trikke move.

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