Become a mobile Trikke dealer; be the boss of you! [video]

Looking for a new source of income? Trikke Tech’s new mobile Trikke dealer program is a great way to start a business that gives you flexible hours, low start up costs and minimal overhead. Plus, you’ll enjoy being at the forefront of the electric transportation revolution and doing something to make the world a better place.

The Trikke mobile dealer program gives you freedom when it comes to where, when and how you work. You are the boss of you, demonstrating and selling electric Trikke carving vehicles in the areas you know best.

Trikke inventor speaks about the Trikke mobile dealer program.

Trikke Tech, Inc., makers of Trikke carving vehicles, is steadfastly becoming a leader in the light electric vehicle market and the electric transportation revolution has just begun. To spread the word about the new mobile dealer program, Trikke inventor Gildo Beleski sat for a recent interview about the company’s newest business opportunity.

Question: Who should consider becoming a mobile Trikke dealer?
Gildo Beleski: Someone looking for a business opportunity with freedom and flexibility, one that allows a person to spend the day outdoors, promoting light electric, green vehicles.

Q: How is a mobile Trikke dealer different from a local Trikke dealer?
GB: Lower start-up costs, for one. The main difference is not having the overhead of a storefront and the ability of being mobile. You don’t have to wait for a customer. You can find customers everywhere you go.

Q: Why did Trikke introduce the mobile dealership program?
GB: In the digital era, where, everyone is used to buying online, we believe that bringing the Trikke experience to the customer makes them happier and more satisfied [than buying online]. Our personalized service will help raise interest in something fun but new. That’s where the mobile dealer can turn the experience into profit, by selling products as they demonstrate. Also, we believe a sustainable future is necessary and inevitable. Nothing beats selling eco-friendly personal electric vehicles.

Q: Where can mobile dealers demonstrate and sell their products?
GB: There are so many different sales avenues: local community events; state and county fairs; parks, beaches and bike paths; sporting events; churches and other organizations; your neighborhood or downtown area; birthday party rentals; tourist rentals, RV campground resorts. Other special places in your own area.

Q: What does one need to become a mobile dealer?
GB: The requirements are simple: a signed Trikke dealer agreement; a small inventory of electric Trikkes and helmets; business permits that apply in your area; waivers and liability insurance; flyers and shark fins, which Trikke Tech can supply, free of charge. Also optional but recommended are things like tables, a canopy, t-shirts, decals, etc..

Q: How is the mobile Trikke dealer program faring so far?
GB: Trikke Tech has been testing our local markets by attending community events and offering demos on weekends at a local private RV campground resort. The response has been great.

For more on Trikke Tech’s mobile dealer demos, stay tuned to the Carving Edge (the Trikke blog) and the Trikke Facebook page.

Go here for more information on the Trikke mobile dealer program.

Gildo Beleski offers demos at Flying Flags RV Campground Resort in Buellton, CA.
Gildo Beleski offers demos at Flying Flags RV Campground Resort in Buellton, CA.

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  1. Interested in a Trikke business in south-east Asia.
    Could you please let me know who I can contact for that?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Very interested because i have been trikking for 5yrs in this area and all i get is when are you going to start your own. Folks are just waiting.

  3. The mobile dealer program has my interest. Central Ohio area. How can I learn more about the specific requirements and commitments?

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