The All-New Trikke Defender

It has been 5 years since the Trikke Patrol vehicle was first launched into the Security & Law Enforcement marketplace.

Through extensive research and development, Trikke Tech has designed a rugged, new Patrol vehicle that runs circles around anything else in the field.    We’ve been working closely with a variety of clients in the Security industry, along with Police, Fire, and EMS agencies to create a vehicle that fully addresses the need for more robust, heavy duty service requirements.

Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the launch of the Defender.

Trikke Tech’s brand new, high performance vehicle with tough, innovative frame construction technology that allows for continuous use in more rigorous, heavy duty work cycles.   This robust Patrol vehicle can carry more weight and handles more rugged terrain, while still offering extreme portability, agility and ease of use.   Best of all, it features full, air-shock suspension for a truly comfortable, ergonomic ride for the operator.

The all new Defender

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