The Trikke: Ecotourism “par excellence”

When seeing the sights on a crowded bus just won’t do

The city of light has seen the light. The passion that is Paris has found a new passion, one that involves three wheels and brings lots of smiles to the faces of Parisians. It’s also giving them some nifty ideas when it comes to touring one of the most romantic cities in the world, as evidenced in this carving from the folks at Paris Trikkes.

The latest in the family of hybrid human transporters, the Trikke, offers an innovative way to discover the historical, cultural, and natural spaces of world cities.

A new generation of tourists is emerging, one that is engaged, mobile, and committed to discovering the world in an ever more conscious and responsible way.

In general, the Trikke is eco-mobility “par excellence,” but more particularly, it is a perfect response to this strong, new wave of green, urban tourism, much like the Segway before it.

The Trikke is clean, silent, and secure, but what makes it optimal for streets and avenues—and all the byways and back alleys that make up cities—is its light, sleek design and dynamic suspension, able to take on the tightest of turns even on the most irregular surfaces.

Just what differentiates the Trikke from other electric hybrids, say scooters or electric bikes? If we listen to the Cool Tools writer Craig Umanoff, it’s all in the sensation:

“When you do finally get into the groove, the feeling is beguiling.” (Trikke Three Wheel, Cambering Transit – Cool Tools, July 16, 2007).

Trikking can be an exhilarating way to visit landmark cities in an alternative, globe-trikking way, without the stereotype blisters to commemorate the day!

Paris ToursSure, there are Trikke clubs throughout the United States, but Trikkes are relatively new on the streets of Europe, and guided Trikke tours are even newer.

But imagine gliding through Rome’s Piazza Navona or down Paris’ Champs Elysees.

When planning your visits, it may be worth checking to see if sightseeing tours by Trikke are offered, a sure way of discovering the sights without ever having to put your foot to the ground. What’s more, without leaving your ecological footprint.

For more from Paris Trikkes, check out their YouTube Channel.

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