‘See more, sweat less’ on an Athens, Greece Trikke tour

August 20, 2018

For the next stop in our periodic segment highlighting Trikke Tours the world over, we travel to Athens, Greece, home of Scooterise, which was named the best company for City Tours at the 2018 Greek Tourism Awards. Touring the ancient city on a modern day Trikke Light Electric Vehicle is a great way to beat the heat and traffic while taking in the sites of a region whose recorded history spans over…


New Tour Experiences in Athens and Greek Islands

September 13, 2017

Are you heading to Athens in Greece and are looking for a fun but EASY tour?! Do you want to see many of the historical sites in a quick amount of time but don’t feel like walking and hopping on and off a bus seems a bit too boring for your adventurous group? So don’t wait longer to book your Trikke Tours with Scooterise. The Electric Trikke is super easy…