Police Trikkes promote positive engagement

August 24, 2020

When it comes to community policing, the way forward can seem stacked with complicated solutions to complex issues. But what if there was a relatively new tool available, one that’s advantageous for both police officers and the community? What if that tool was already in use by many law-enforcement agencies across America? That tool is the Trikke Interceptor, a three-wheel, battery-powered, personal mobility vehicle currently bridging the gap between police and…


Police Trikkes: “miles ahead” of other options

February 24, 2020

For the Norfolk PD, Trikkes were a “major upgrade from the department’s old Segways.” Last June, police officers in Norfolk, Virginia, began patrolling on electric Trikkes, and according to Officer Mitchel Ashton, the Trikke Interceptors, as they’re known, have already made a difference: “The Interceptor has greatly improved how quickly our officers can respond to calls in our downtown sector,” says Ashton, “typically beating marked units by several minutes.” Timing…


Are you looking for a mobility solution to patrol your company, city or community?

February 23, 2019

Trikke Tech celebrates the success of deploying this great professional grade, highest performing and most powerful electric vehicle, to Police Departments, Law Enforcement and Government across the nation. The Trikke Defender is designed for patrolling applications including law enforcement, emergency services, private security, event management and more. It offers the ultimate in maneuverability and portability. Trikke Defenders are powerful, stable, easy to use and thrilling to ride! You can even…