Patrolling on Trikkes makes Cal-Berkeley police officers more approachable

March 24, 2020

Greener, electric three-wheelers blazing new trail for UCPD, called better than both a Segway and a bike. After using a variety of patrol vehicles on campus, police officers at the University of California, Berkeley, have learned a valuable lesson: electric Trikkes are at the head of the class. “The versatility, the quietness, the mobility.” Those are the best features of the Trikke Defender, according to UCPD Police Sergeant Thomas C….



March 19, 2019

“HANDLER?!?!” Who needs a HANDLER?! K9 ATOS reporting for service sir! City of Marietta, Ga., Government Did you know MPD replaced their old “T3” low speed vehicles with new TRIKKES?! Look for them patrolling the square this spring! Original Post from Marietta Police Department Facebook page. Trikke Professional Mobility products and solutions have helped countless organizations, police departments and businesses improve their overall efficiency, presence and relationships within their communities….


No ‘dork factor’ for cops on patrol on Trikke carving vehicles

May 17, 2013

Santa Barbara Police choose three-wheel, electric carver over ‘Mall Cop’ Segways. Quick and agile, hard to miss and helpful at suppressing criminal behavior. Those are some of the reasons the Santa Barbara Police Department has added electric Trikke carving vehicles to its law enforcement lineup, according to an article in the Santa Barbara Independent. Bicycle cops tend to get lost in the shuffle, explains Sgt. Ed Olson in the piece. He…


Trikke vs. Segways, T-3’s and bikes: the verdict, according to police and security personnel

Policeman rides Trikke carving vehicle
May 7, 2013

“Bicycles are ho-hum. Segways are nerdy. T-3 vehicles are too expensive and don’t go anywhere.” Those are some of the recent comments relayed to Gerry Baranano, Trikke Tech security relations consultant, when he interviewed a number of police officers and security personnel currently using Trikke’s electric vehicles on patrol. According to the feedback, a major problem with the Segway has been the injury factor. The Las Vegas office of a…