How a Trikke Can Improve Your Life

We know getting exercise is an important part of a healthy life. But we also need to think about the type of exercise we’re doing.  Harvard Medical School recently recommended we include a mix of strengthening, stretching, balancing and aerobic exercises in workouts. A complete exercise program gives you the energy and strength you need for your best life.

A Trikke can help you with all four exercise areas:

  1. A Trikke workout builds muscle mass, making you stronger. Strengthening your muscles provides support for your lower back and joints. Strength training can also improve bone density, and helps maintain fitness.
  2. Stretching is a key exercise for flexibility. A Trikke facilitates dynamic stretching with repetitive arm and leg motions that get blood and oxygen to muscles. Warmed up muscles are more flexible and as you push to get a full range of motion, and you’ll decrease the risk of injury during your daily routine.
  3. Riding a Trikke and using your core, arms and legs to move invigorate the muscular systems needed for balance. While balance relies on your eyes and ears, it also requires joint flexibility. The Trikke will strengthen your leg muscles and your ability to navigate surfaces.
  4. You’ll use your entire body on a Trikke, delivering the aerobic exercise needed for working your lungs and heart and building endurance. You’ll enjoy lower blood pressure and burn body fat and sugars. This reduces your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and elevates your mood.

A complete exercise program will only work with one more key element: we need to have fun!  Remember running and playing with your friends when you were young? You didn’t worry about reps or muscle tone. When you’re focused on fun, exercise becomes a side benefit. Fun activities keep you motivated and energized. Having fun means we’ll return to the activity again and again. A Trikke delivers fun!

With fun (and a good workout) comes the endorphin release that leads to joy, the post-workout energy that adds a spring to your step, and the confidence that buoys you up to face the challenges of the day.

Life just gets better when you ride a Trikke.  Find out more about Trikke body powered options and how you can invest in Trikke today!

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