Trikke carving vehicle helps her lose over 110 pounds!

Woman rides Trikke carving vehicle for weight loss.
Monica Jeffries, then and now.

At first she thought she’d never learn to ride.

The three-wheel journey of Monica Jeffries can be summed up by the tale of two Mays. In May, 2011, the resident of Canyon Country, California, was an overweight newbie who was introduced to Trikke carving vehicles by her husband. That month, she struggled at Southern Cal’s LSM, aka Last Saturday of the Month Trikke Ride, and her three-wheel future didn’t seem bright. Cut to the May, 2013 iteration of that same monthly ride and behold Monica, the lean, confident carving machine, a fitness buff who’s 110-pound weight loss has made her an inspirational fixture on the local Trikke scene. So just how did she turn her life, not to mention her Trikke journey, around? The Carving Edge went in search of answers with this Q&A with Monica:

The Carving Edge: Describe how you felt about riding a Trikke carving vehicle circa May, 2011.
Monica Jeffries: In May, 2011, I honestly did not like the Trikke. I thought I would never learn how to ride one. I started on a T12, which may have been the issue. I barely made it around [one leg of the LSM ride]. However the pre-ride training from Andy, Irene, Sean and Corey of SouthBay Trikke helped tremendously.

TCE: Describe how you feel about riding a Trikke carving vehicle circa two years later.
MJ: I LOVE trikking! Quincy, my husband, would not let me give up and took me out to practice on a basketball court at a park (since it’s smoother) and I slowly learned to ride. Now I’ve accomplished hill climbing and several endurance rides!

TCE: You’ve completely changed the way you look. How did you do it?
MJ: There is no secret or magic, except diet, exercise, dedication, hard work and motivation to just do it once and for all!

TCE: How important was cross training and diet?
MJ: Cross training is extremely important. Vary the exercises and find something that you like and can stick to. Also, no amount of exercise can outdo a bad diet. You must change how you eat! Plus, I don’t call it “dieting” because diets are temporary. You must commit to a healthy lifestyle. For cross training, I do bootcamp, Trikke, LA Fitness, hiking, swimming, etc. — all things I enjoy. Find what you like and stick to it.

TCE: What would you say to those who are overweight and looking to get fit? Would you recommend the Trikke? Why?
MJ: I tell everyone, if you want to get fit, you can. If I can do it, anyone can! I’ve been fat since day one — always overweight since 1st grade. I’ve done every diet program out there and lost 80+ lbs twice before, only to gain it back plus more. You have to change your mind to change your body for life. Yes, I struggle everyday, but when you fall, get back up and continue. I highly recommend the Trikke! It’s by far the BEST low impact full body workout! Plus trikkers are awesome peeps!

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  1. I bought a Trikke, but the I have to lose weight just to use it. I am 50 pounds over the limit. I have had the Trikke for a year and I still am trying to lose enough just to get on it.

  2. Wow, thanks for the reminder! I have fallen way off the proverbial wagon, diet and exercise-wise.
    I have had my Trikke T-8 for several years but have stopped riding and stopped eating healthy.

    Reading your story inspires me to at least THINK about how I’m going to get back on track. Thanks for the pictures, too. It helps me to actually SEE your success!

    I’m 66 (in 3 days) and am headed for a serious problem if I don’t begin taking time to give my body the exercise and nutrition it needs. I absolutely LOVE my Trikke … maybe now I’ll pull it out of the back of my SUV and actually get on and CARVE my neighborhood!

    If anyone reading this lives in the Sarasota, FL area and wants a Trikking buddy … PLEASE contact me!

    Rock (er, I mean Trikke) on!!


  3. Great story about Monica! I just got back on my Trikke T-8 Air again last month after spending a lethargic summer, fall and winter. I had a plantar faciitis problem on my right foot and blamed it on a lengthy, aggressive ride one day. I learned the hard way how stretching is so important. At 61 now, I’m back on it and loving it. I like it so much better than riding a bike. It’s as exhilarating as skiing and I can do it along the beach on the Promenade. People look at what I’m doing and point…that’s when I start talking to them about it. And Lindy from Sarasota, I hope you find a Trikke buddy in your area and Happy Birthday! “Keep Calm and Carve On!”

  4. Wow MOnica. What a story. When I first saw this article IM thinking. Wow who’s the hot chick on her Trikke? Lo and behold it’s you!. IM so so proud of all of us who have undergone a physical transformation. Makes me very happy. And you grab your husband and tell him how much you love him. He cared so much about you living with him for the rest of his life, that he wouldn’t let you give up!
    Thats huge and I love you both. Keep Carving!

  5. I would like to do this. I purchased a trike over 2 years ago now and still can not ride it. Is there anyone in the Elyria, Ohio area that teaches how to ride the trike? I am thinking that there is something wrong with mine.

    1. That is a great New Years Resolution Nancy. Please contact the following Trikke trainor he is 16 minutes away from your location!
      Akron, OH 44303 USA
      Phone Number: 330.208.3831
      Contact: Michael A. Kucko

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