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As we embark upon this new Trikke blog, we have noticed that healing encapsulates a lot of the themes that continue to pop up in user testimonials – whether those testimonials are about weight loss, fitness, rehabilitation, or a general strength and wellness program. Certainly Trikke offers an invitation to get out into the sunshine to feel the wind on your face and ride, but ride where? Ride how? Why ride? And when you mount up and start carving out a better day for yourself, where does the ride take you? Where does the journey take you when you commit to the ride?

Does your ride take you into wellness from not-so-wellness? From an afternoon funk to shaking that funk ten minutes later? From the busyness of the mind to the freedom and flow of the moment? From injured and immobilized to rehabilitated and mobilized a couple of months later? From losing the battle against obesity to being able to say that you really are winning that battle 3 months later? It’s important to find yourself on a path to a wellness that is not fleeting and that’s what we hear you telling us over and over – that you’re on that path and that you’re carving it. And just so you know, it makes us feel really good to hear that. So, thanks for letting us know.

By the way, as some of you already know, “Trikke” is also the name of the ancient Greek town where Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing was born and where one of his three temples was erected. Asclepius is believed to have been a skilled physician who practiced in Greece around 1200BC. Eventually through myth and legend he came to be worshipped as the Greek god of healing. Even today most medical associations around the world still use depictions of the staff of Asclepius which shows a single serpent encircling a staff.

asclepius logo

Trikke enthusiast photo next to ancient staff of Asclepius symbol (She was just posting a photo of herself getting off work and about to go for a ride; the Asclepius image is a coincidence…).

And to show the level of her commitment, here is a photo of the same Trikke enthusiast’s leg with not-so-ancient Trikke symbol.

Trikke Tri-logo tatoo


And is it kind of strangely coincidental that the carving, healing path of riding our Trikke vehicles has a snake-like appearance too? And we think his name was actually spelled “Askklepius” back in the day. We’re considering something along those lines as the title for the new Trikke Healing Forum – about how to get healed on a Trikke 3 wheeler: “Just Ask Klepius” … but we digress…

OK. Healing. Wellness. Trikke is a healing place in more ways than one. It’s an historic healing place in Greece, and by most accounts it’s also a three-wheeled healing place that rolls around with you.

So, next time you jump on your Trikke 3-wheeler, see if it doesn’t feel like a healing place. And maybe, kind of like Asclepius, you can be born (reborn) in that place called Trikke and become your own god of healing. I think that’s what we’re up to here: healing ourselves, healing each other (through our growing Trikke communities) and helping to heal the planet when we travel or promote travel by Trikke electric vehicle. Let us know if you have a Trikke healing story we haven’t heard, or tell us if you think we’re just plain kkrazy!

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  1. I first purchased an old t8 in the later part of 2008 or something. I was so out of control with my weight, fitness, and diet then that I shelved it. In june of 2014 I tore the meniscus in my knee trying to pick myself off the ground whist doing some yardwork. Following surgery, I began a weight program to control my diabetes type 2, fix my high blood pressure, and in Oct of 2014, I joined a gym. Began working on my body, diet and wellbeing. I also hired a physical trainer. You see IM 61 today as I write this letter. In Oct of 2014 I weighed 262. IM 5’10” tall. Never have I worked out in my life. Today on my birthday im now 197 LBS. Is Trikke responsible for my weight loss? NOt yet, let me explain. While cleaning out my storage shed a couple of weeks ago I found my old T-8 and said to myself hmmm. I pulled it down and took it to the Columbia River park here in the Tri Cities, WA area. Just imagine, 30 miles of mostly flat terrain with tight wide asphalt with just occasional traffic of bike riders and walkers, and skateboarders, Etc. I can’t think of a better place to train. Within 2 days I was riding over a 5.5 mile section and I’ve been doing this once or twice a day now for 3 weeks. I also mix in a little hill climbing where I live just for the challenge. Wow, with all the weight training i’ve been doing and such I still didn’t feel strong. But my T8 after this short time is making me feel strong, vibrant, and confident. I was watching a Trikke video today, a big smile is on my face and IM tearing up alittle. I finally am starting to have the feeling of being all day fit. Thank your Trikke!

  2. Dan,

    Congradulations on your progress.

    I use the trike plus Kickbikes, Kicksleds, and Hobie pedal kayaks.


    Eastlake, Ohio

  3. Hey Tom. Thanks for the response. Its always cool to find other Bunch’s in the world. And to find one that also Trikke’s, Priceless! Keep Carving!

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