Trikke helped me lose 120 pounds!

Now he’s a lean, mean, Canadian carving machine
John Goolevitch, before and after.

I have been overweight for over 25 years. At age 54, my doctor said my weight had increased to 315 pounds and that I was now diabetic.

This was an eye opener for me and I had two options: take medication to control my sugar levels; or change my diet and start exercising. I chose the latter.

I purchased a good elliptical trainer and a home gym. I started working out everyday and cut most sugars and and anything deep fried from my meals.

The first three weeks was very tough. I was majorly depressed and had a really rough time. But I felt that I had abused my body all these years and it was now time for payback. I didn’t want to die young, like my parents due to unhealthy lifestyles (and cancer).

When I noticed Trikke on a late night infomercial, I thought all infomercials were bogus. But watching the body movement, it seemed as if the Trikke would be a really good exercise, seeing as how I damaged my knees long ago hiking.

I stumbled across a cheap Trikke knockoff and purchased it, only to find that it was a blast to ride but too small for me. I found a Trikke dealer near me and purchased a real Trikke T8 Air. From that point on, weight loss has been a blast!

John Goolevitch
John Goolevitch on his Trikke

I started at 315 pounds. Over the course of two years, I’ve lost 120 pounds and now weigh 195. It’s like going back in time. I feel so much better now. I used to snore, had sleep apnea, headaches and heartburn. I now have none of that! I sleep better, too.

Eating healthier and exercising is the key. I didn’t even follow any diet plan. I just ate smarter, reading all the labels. Trikke made my weight loss so much more fun. I still can’t stop riding and I’ll never go back to a bike.

I used to have severe back pain due to a bulging L4 Disc. I spent two years going to a chiropractor with no relief. After riding my Trikke for three months, my back pain was gone! I was amazed. It strengthened my back and my core, and helped build up my old, lazy muscles.

I quickly upgraded to a T12 and have now carved over 8,000K (5,000 miles) on it. I still enjoy it as much as the first day. I would like to say thank you to Trikke for such a wonderful product, and durable, too!

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  1. I have a T-12 Trikke. I’m converting my Trikke to a motorized 12 inch, 48v, 10ah, 500watt smart pie. Now that I have all the parts needed, time I to get someone to help me put it all together. After that I will be trying to take the weight off also. Two week vacation starts in a week. Eating well, weight lifting and Trikke carving I hope to take the weight off in a year. Wish me luck!

  2. I have a Trikke and tried and tried to work it. I only seem to be able to get itgoing good when I am going slightly downhill. As soon as there is the slightest rise I work and work but can’t keep it going. I would love to get it to work. The little bit it does is really fun.

  3. I’m with you Lk. Love it on a flat or slight downhill. Once I hit a rise I can’t keep it going and slow down to a halt and then have to walk. I pulled my back out badly trying to do hills. I’ve watched YouTube videos over and over,but it doesn’t help. I can’t get my Trikke to do what they do on the video. It’s been in the basement for weeks.

  4. L and Gourdgal. It seems that we are all in the same Trikke quandry. I’ve been trying to do hills with no success. Riding the T-78 CS on the flat is a great workout. I want to do like the you tube videos

  5. I brought my trike about four years ago, it’s been sitting on a shelf in the garage all of that time neither me or the grand kids could get it to work. I saw a really nice woman riding one in Fresno, CA a few weeks ago who took the time to show me how to ride it and that’s when I found out that I knew how to ride it all the time ( I rode hers with no problem ) the problem was that I didn’t have enough air in the tires. I am now in the process of learning how to ride longer distances, so stick around for my progress.

  6. Hmmm…. I have a Trikke and thought that it wasn’t helping me loose weight… because it was too much fun. I’m going to have to now revisit that thought since reading this article and make my Trikke carving a daily habit. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. To those discouraged by the learning curve. I have snow skied my entire life. Also inline skating. I bought a used T8 air on local classified ad. The seller could not have been less helpful in how to make this thing go. I worked for about a month siting with U Tube then riding. I had many times felt like I was just not cut out for this. VERY gradually got better, then seemed like all at once a light came on. All the right exact moves became instinctive. I sold the T8 and ordered a new T12 Roadster. I ride almost daily. The key to hills is…well, they’re a lot of work…but you “punch” the hands like boxing and pretty much amplify any motions you use when on level. Lean into the turn pressing your body weight forward during the carve. It does take wider turns to move up hill and plenty of stamina. I much prefer hiss to headwinds. At least a hill ends at some point. I’m in my second year of riding. I’m 62. 5’11” went from 195 to 170 lbs. combined riding and reduced portions. I have a wonderful bicycle but I’ve only had it out a few times since trikking is so much fun.

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