Trikke newbie creates magic of his own

Our Q&A with TWM’s next top carver

He first learned there was a thing called Trikke on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, he bought his first three-wheel joyride, a demo model from Sports Chalet. He tried it but didn’t like it, wanted to give up, as a matter of fact. But before doing so, he returned to YouTube and realized the tires on his new toy needed more air.quincy

Since then, Quincy Jeffries has been soaring in the Trikke world, so much so that he’s about to bust out with his own creation: the first-ever group Trikke ride in the Santa Clarita Valley, the sprawling community in northern Los Angeles county (and parts of Ventura County), on Saturday, July 2, 2011.

Jeffries, who lives in the city of Canyon Country, first became known on the So Cal Trikke circuit at the Last Saturday of the Month Ride this past April. A week prior to that, the Memphis, TN, native was a newbie, all alone in his Trikke world until running into another rider while carving up LA’s San Fernando Valley.

Since then, he’s been a regular on the circuit, bringing other riders into the fold, getting the curious to try the Trikke and spreading the joy of trikking. He’s also quickly becoming known as one of the Trikke world’s top trikkers, as was evidenced by his finishing in the top four at this year’s endurance rides in Aliso Creek and Ventura, CA.

If the So Cal Trikke circuit were akin to a racing league, such as NASCAR, and rookies were defined as drivers (or riders) in their first year of competition, Jeffries would be a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year. As it stands, he’s just a man who loves his new toy. He also loves his wife Monica, who is well on her way to becoming a trikker herself.

One more thing about Jeffries: he claims he’s a barbecue master and promises to show his fellow trikkers his skillz one day. In the meantime, TrikkeWorld caught up with the fledging superstar to see what he has cooked up for the first-ever Santa Clarita Valley Trikke Ride.

TrikkeWorld Magazine:
Describe the Trikke Trail for Saturday’s ride.
Quincey Jeffries: Most of the trail is for beginners because it’s on a well-maintained bike path. However, there are a few small hills that could be considered for intermediates.

TWM: Many wonder about the potentially hot weather. Any advice on how to best manage it?
QJ: Although it is hot in Canyon Country, there is usually a nice cross-breeze through the Santa Clarita Valley. However, the best advice is to have plenty of fluids, which is why my wife, Monica, will be at several stopping points with refreshments. Also, eat protein before the ride. Plus, my wife would like to add: if she can trikke in Santa Clarita’s hot weather, anyone can do it.

TWM: Tell us about the reaction of others when they spot you trikking at your local skate park?
QJ: They’re fascinated by the Trikke, everyone from kids to adults, both male and female. I’m like the rockstar when I show up. In fact, after I let one guy ride my Trikke, he went on eBay and bought one for himself. He plans to join future rides when available.

TWM: What’s your biggest motivator?
QJ: To be in shape.

quincy-jeffries-trikke-ciclaviaTWM: You attended your first Trikke ride in April. Now you’re staging your own ride. How has going on group rides influenced your desire to hold events in your area?
QJ: The group rides are fantastic and a great opportunity to meet new trikkers. Most of the time I ride alone, but since I recently got my wife involved, I found a trikking buddy. I think there should be more group Trikke rides, which is why I decided to host one out here where I live.

TWM: What do you like most about Canyon Country?
QJ: It’s a nice city, very clean and not overpopulated. The views are amazing, too.

TWM: Will there be a Barbecue Master feast after the ride?
QJ: No barbecue this time. I’ll wait until more trikkers can participate out here in the Santa Clarita Valley. But you know my wife and I can get down and BBQ, cook, and bake. So if y’all want to try it, come out to the next SCV Trikke Ride.

The Santa Clarita Valley Trikke Ride begins at 9am on Saturday, July 2, 2011, at Canyon Country Park.

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