How does Trikke play in the Light Electric Vehicles market?

Light electric vehicles are the solution to improve traffic, parking space, to fight pollution, and improve human mobility and efficiency.

Trikke light electric vehicle is a low-cost, portable, emissions-free personal vehicle designed to be a perfect fit for the human body. The ride is intuitive and easy, the posture is ergonomic, uses 3 wheels for improved maneuverability, balance and control, it is very dynamic and stable due to the patented cambering frame technology.

Most of all, riding the TRIKKE is fun and makes you smile at every turn… and it is a very healthy and active ride.

It is also very practical: it is lightweight and can be folded and transported in a car. It can carry some cargo.

In July, we are launching the Defender, a new vehicle that represents a giant technology leap in our product line. A commercial grade, rugged vehicle, featuring all wheel drive, full suspension, high-performance and long range. Designed specifically for patrol, golf, military use.

Here some of our customers in the B2B market:



The uses for TRIKKE are: recreational riding, daily commuters, law enforcement patrol, security for large campuses, warehouses, golf courses and golf communities, RV’ers, Tours and rentals, vehicle sharing, military, parking enforcement, etc… and it goes on and on.

The market size for light electric vehicles is currently around $25B (70% e-bikes) and should grow to $35B in the next 10 years. And our goal is to secure a big chunk of it. Our vision is that Trikke will continue to evolve, becoming one of history’s top personal vehicles.

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