Trikke saved my life, says star of victorious video

Senior citizen wrote 20 scripts before choosing winning submission.

His video has been a big hit in carving circles, receiving a good number of positive comments on both Facebook and YouTube, and winning a testimonial contest conducted by Trikke Tech in 2011. [See video at the end of this story.]

Larry Mehlmauer riding his Trikke

Yet Larry Mehlmauer is mostly unaware of the attention and adulation his lone web video has received. After all, the 70-year-old, Medford, Oregon, resident is not what you’d call Internet savvy and doesn’t even have his own email address. In fact, Mehlmauer was unaware of his contest win until he received a call from a TrikkeWorld reporter seeking Mehlmauer’s reaction to the announcement, which had been posted on Facebook hours earlier.

“Praise the Lord,” said Mehlmauer upon hearing the news — after letting out an extended giddy laugh. “You don’t know how happy you’ve just made me. I’m gonna have to check to see if my feet are still on the ground.”

After which came more giddy laughter from the super senior, followed by appreciation for the difference the three-wheel wonder has made in his life.

“I hate exercise. I really hate it,” said Mehlmauer. “I’ve tried everything from rowing machines to stationary bikes to elliptical machines. The Trikke is truly a miracle machine.”

In his video (shot by wife Judy), Mehlmauer enumerates the many physical and health challenges he’s faced in his golden years, including heart disease, a massive heart attack and diabetes. Add to that a knee that’s overdue for replacement and a lot of pain when walking. But not when riding his Trikke, said Mehlmauer. That he can do pain-free, thanks to the vehicle’s no-impact workout.


But like so many others in the Trikke world, the workout, albeit great exercise, isn’t so much the thing. It’s more about the second childhood Mehlmauer is having while riding his Trikke, which is why he was so eager to make a video, even though he himself isn’t very tech savvy and not at all familiar with digital cameras.

“I wrote down twenty different scripts,” admitted Mehlmauer. “I really wanted to get it right. Trikke literally saved my life. I just love my Trikke.”

Since discovering the carving vehicles via an infomercial three years ago, Mehlmauer’s collection has grown to five Trikkes, although he has yet to own his ultimate dream machine. But that’s about to change, thanks to his winning a Win Any Trikke contest.

“Of course, I’ll take the T12 Roadster,” he said, “because it’s the power machine, the Cadillac.”

Trikke Tech’s lineup of electric Pon-e’s were not part of the contest and that suites Mehlmauer just fine.

“You can keep the electric one,” he said. “I’d rather ride a human-powered Trikke any day. I just love my Trikke.”

Don’t see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.


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