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Trikke is the new kid on the block for police and security mobility.

Trikke is getting traction in the fields of security and law enforcement as an alternative vehicle for patrol. This makes me ponder the concept of security and how it resonates thematically for Trikke on various levels. Security isn’t just something officers provide against the bad guys. It’s also (generally speaking) freedom from danger and freedom from anxiety and fear – just the thing a third wheel and a little cambering action provides to those wanting to get out and about on wheels (while lessening the fear of falling).

Private security companies and public safety officers are finding that Trikke also gives the security of smart choice, function and reliability. That the product does what it says it will: provide stable, maneuverable, portable and affordable patrol for their guards and officers. It also provides the security that you are doubling your guards’ effectiveness at half the price of the competition (with a better-performing, lower maintenance vehicle). This equates to the security that you are making the right buying decision, when budgets and results matter.

“We’re giving officers and guards more visibility, versatility and presence at the same time.”

But also, Trikke means to many a sense of security with regards to their health and well being. Many have the security that they have finally discovered a vehicle that works as it is supposed to on all levels, delivering a stable yet strangely pliable platform for a really fun, full-body, no impact workout that never gets boring. Trikke provides the security that the fitness-seeker need look no further for a solution to the difficult challenge of finding a workout that they will continue to do for years (instead of days), and subsequently find themselves on a path to longer-lasting health.

trikke_fitness_female_riderTrikke is the newer kid on the block for police and security mobility. We’re giving officers and guards more visibility, versatility and presence at the same time. Public contact is important to law enforcement and private security and our vehicle’s  looks are getting police and security PR points with the public. As anyone that has experienced riding a Trikke vehicle knows, Trikke helps breaks down the barrier between the rider and the public – putting both on the same team – chatting about that cool-looking three-wheeled thing beneath the rider.

It is a bit tricky being a brand that represents fun fitness and health, and provides reliable vehicles for private security companies and law enforcement. But we are the brand of this ride – this three point, standing, carving, leaning ride. It’s such a sensible platform for so many uses – the common denominator being the rider. Simply put, no matter who you are or what your reasons for riding a Trikke vehicle, chances are it will work for you because it is designed ergonomically to interact easily and comfortably with the human body. Most of the people I know usually operate inside one of those.


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  1. Ironically, the local police have threatened me on several occasions with a citation for riding my Trikke T-8 or T12
    on the park sidewalk. I went to city hall and it is not against the law. So, it looks like an individual officer or two
    doing the “I say So” scam. When I questioned on officer, he said ,”Oh, don’t make us make a new law for you” So, what can one do? fight city hall. They’re such control freaks. BTW , I ride safely. I’m over 70 and do love my Trikkes.

  2. I asked a local R.C.M.P. who was sitting in a parking lot if I should be riding on the road or the sidewalk.
    She replied “I don’t know but don’t run into anyone.”
    I guess that is the point – avoid everything you might run into and have fun.

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