Trikke T10 crowdfunding campaign deadline extended

Trikke T10 Roadster
The Trikke T10 Roadster in black and blue.

Roadster racing towards the finish line, more backers needed!

Mission almost completed for the crowdfunding campaign for the Trikke T10 Roadster, but a few more orders are needed to bring Trikke Tech’s latest body-powered carving vehicle to life. As such, in an effort to make one last push towards actual production, the deadline for the campaign has been extended to October 10th.

“We’re 70% there,” says Gildo Beleski, CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc. “Reception has been very positive, with a lot of excitement from seasoned riders. Generally speaking, people are craving a new ride—something unique and different to show off.”

The T10 Roadster crowdfunding campaign began in late July, offering Trikke riders the opportunity to get their hands on an all-new, state of the art, body-powered Trikke—one packed with new features, such as an hexagonal-shaped aluminum frame, virtually maintenance-free drum brakes and light-threaded, high pressure, 10″x 2″ fitness tires.

“You will be proud to own a limited edition T10 with a beautiful new frame and a truly unique ride, I promise it.”

Considered by Trikke Tech to be a hybrid of the smaller T8 and the larger T12, the crowdfunding price for the T10 Roadster is $810, with early-adapter perks such as free shipping within the continental United States, a special edition Trikke T10 t-shirt and a limited edition badge with one’s name and chosen serial number.

A total of 150 orders are needed to finance production for the T10 Roadster, and so far, between the backing of riders and orders generated by Trikke Tech’s international partners, the newest three-wheel wonder is “thisclose”  to becoming a reality—all the motivation needed to extend the deadline.

“Because we’re almost there, we don’t want to give up on the T10,” says Beleski. “The people who already ordered? We don’t want to let them down. We want it so bad, but we must be able to cover the manufacturing costs of tooling up for a new frame and lots of new parts.”

Once financing is no longer an obstacle, the rest will fall into place easily, notes the CEO who’s been fine-tuning and improving on the Trikke’s design since 1990.

“If we extend the deadline, we feel that more people will step up and help,” he adds. “Once we have the money locked in, we can for sure promise a reliable delivery date.”

That delivery date could be sometime in early 2018 if all goes well and the crowdfunding campaign finishes with a flourish. If it does, says Beleski, “you will be proud to own a limited edition T10 with a beautiful new frame and a truly unique ride, I promise it.”

He also calls the T10 Roadster a vehicle made possible by the collective efforts of the worldwide Trikke community and its passion for riding, noting the valuable input received via a poll of experienced riders who know the value of the ride and the quality of Trikke Tech’s products.

And if there were anything the man called “G” could say to those passionate riders in the T10’s Roadster’s moment of truth?

“Trikkers adding a second T10 to their order would be very helpful, perhaps one in each color! Fans who can pledge any financial help for this project will receive good compensation for their money. We are open to any ideas to make this possible. Trikke is made for the riders and now, by the riders. If Trikke Tech was in better financial position, we would invest in the T10 in a heartbeat.”

Go here to help the crowdfunding campaign for the Trikke T10 Roadster finish with a flourish.

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