10 questions about the new Trikke T10 Roadster — answered by Trikke designer Gildo Beleski

Gildo Beleski
Gildo Beleski, Trikke designer and CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc.

T10 Q&A with “G” on the new look, new brakes, new handlebar and more!

In the Trikke community, he’s simply known as “G,” and judging by the passionate way Trikke riders love their Trikkes, the “g” could easily stand for genius. However, Gildo Beleski prefers to be known as the Trikke designer — even over “the inventor of Trikke.” That’s because, as the Brazilian native sees it, the joy of riding a Trikke begins with the design.

“G” should know. He’s been tinkering with his three-wheel wonder for almost three decades, constantly trying to improve the designs of various models. His latest effort is the all-new, body-powered Trikke T10 Roadster, now available via a special crowd funding campaign on the Trikke Tech website. So what makes this latest Trikke a good ride? Plenty, says Beleski, who sat down with The Carving Edge to answer 10 questions about the new Trikke T10.

Question: When and why did Trikke Tech stop making BPVs (body-powered vehicles)?
Answer: We never stopped making BPV models. We changed factories in 2013 and had to invest in new molds for aluminum frames. We had wanted to re-design the T8 and T12 but decided to bring out the T10 (instead of making 2 models). It just took way too long for various reasons, one of them being the investment needed. We always kept the steel models in stock and the T8 and T12 were available until the end of 2015.

Q: Why a T10 now?
A: The T10 has always been an “elusive” model, larger and faster than the T8 and more compact than T12, but still offering comfort for long rides. Within the community, we had long discussions about the T10, which has been in our plans since 2008. Since we had the T8 and T12, we never felt compelled to make it. I know I promised it a few times.

“…crowdfunding will expedite the production … it represents the true power of the crowd, craving for something, rallying and making it happen.”

Q: What are some of the T10’s best features and why did you include them?
A: The frame is stronger than before. The shape of the pipes is very cool (hexagonal). It’s a new theme. The new drum brakes work great and there are no complicated adjustments like with disc brakes. We also included the new trend of making the deck wider on the front, which feels more natural and comfortable.

Q: Who is the T10 good for?
A: It is good for long distances as was the T12. That’s why we call it the T10 Roadster. It’s also fairly portable.

Q: What makes the T10 a better choice than a T8 or T12?
A: Having the best of both worlds. When you switch from a T12 to a T8, there is a big difference in height, length and width. The T10 is exactly in between—not too tall, not too long (when folded), not too wide, but still fast due to the size of the wheels and the long wheelbase. From a tech point of view, … (the geometry is very important for the performance), one of the main differences between the T12 and T8 is the height from the ground (your leaning contact point) to the main axle (the link that drives the leaning of the trailing arms and the relationship to the handlebar height… you will notice a big difference in leaning leverage when you extend or shorten the handlebar.
The T10 seems to be in the sweet spot. I always thought about it.

Q: The Trikke’s handlebars have changed over the years. Why did you choose a “slick, flat handlebar” for the T10?
A: The body-powered version is the purest expression of our technology, a simple articulated frame with 3 wheels. That is it. The rider is the magic, not the vehicle. And I want it to be reflected in the design: a machine with clean and minimalist lines. The deck and handlebars are the connection points between rider and machine, and I like it simple. Less is more. The handlebar is a straight “T” bar with the cool hexagonal profile.

The Trikke T10 Roadster
The Trikke T10 Roadster

Q: The T10’s drum brakes are said to be practically maintenance-free. Can you explain?
A: The drum brake is like the old rear brake of cars—very reliable and enclosed (not exposed like disc brakes that can get bent). They last longer with very little need for adjustment. They won’t be affected bywater or contamination. It just works great. I have been testing them for a long time, they’re my favorite.

Q: Why are you offering the T10 via the crowdfunding route?
A: For us to make this large investment, it may take another few years, as all our resources are committed to the electric models. The new Defender [for security and law enforcement] is taking all the money we can get. It is a very expensive vehicle and doesn’t leave enough for us to invest in body powered models. We were getting enormous pressure from the community to bring back the T12. I personally want a new ride for myself, too, to get back into my BPV groove. I’ve been riding the T78 deluxe. The crowdfunding will expedite the production of this new ride. It is a commitment. It represents the true power of the crowd, craving for something, rallying and making it happen. If we pull it off, it is because of the community.

Q: What happens if the crowdfunding campaign doesn’t meet its goal?
A: It will be a bummer. We will have to wait until we can afford the investment. It’s not just the cost of new molds and tools, but all the project and production management issues, the manpower, time, the minimum lot required for a production. And we always have to pay in advance. I am sure we will get there.

Q: What would you say to riders who might be on the fence about buying the T10?
A: We are always improving the quality and the performance of our Trikkes. The T10 represents just that: a better machine, a better ride, a cool new look. This will be a “historic” series, the first T10, with a commemorative badge specially printed with the serial number and the name of the rider. How cool is that? You will be able to choose your serial number from 001 to 150. We may create a bid for the special numbers (001, 002, 010, 050, 100, etc). Also, you will get a special price if you pre-order and will be among the first riders to have it. Everybody else will have to wait for the next production. These units will not be sold in the stores.

  • Go here for more information of the Trikke T10 Roadster.

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  1. “G”
    I hope you meet your Quota , I have a Special Place for the T-10 ,and want to Ride it at the TRIKKENUT 100 K with You my Friend… Yesssss

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  3. Hola Gildo,
    En España, y mas en la zona donde yo vivo, se puede practicar Trikke durante todo el Año ¿Podrías intentar que se potenciara mas la publicidad en español? Es que creo que se está dejando de lado un mercado potencialmente muy interesante y grande. Cuando yo intenté traer a Trikke Europa, hace años, para hacer un evento importante y que la gente conociese el poder adictivo del Trikke…me contestaron que tenía que organizarles todo y pagarles el billete de avión hasta España…creo que no es una buena visión comercial…Me encantaría ver muchos mas Trikkes por mi ciudad..en niños y en adultos…Trikke on!! Gracias Gildo por crear el Trikke. Espero no molestar a nadie con este comentario.

    1. Dear Salvador,
      Thank you for your comment! Know that you don’t bother anyone here! I wonder if you still are interested in promoting Trikke in Spain. If so, please contact me again. I’m afraid we still cannot support with financials but at least we can back you up!
      Pieter Dekker
      Trikke Europe

  4. Is it possible to get the dimensions of the T10?
    You are saying that T10 is in-between T8 and T12, but are more details available?
    I am considering participation in crowd-funding. This would be my 10th pony in the stable . But I would like to have some confidence that it will not be too big for me.
    T12 is too big for my short stature (5’1). T8 works (but T67 works better).

  5. I have had a T12 for a decade now. I have loved it. It is getting old and and I was hoping to buy a new one and realized they are no longer available. I am interested in the new T10 but want to know if it will be too small for me. I am 6″ 6″ and 250 pounds. Thanks!

    1. Scott – I’m with you – I am 6’4″ and 230 lbs. I have 2 of the original 200 T12s, and they are worn, but still functional. I understand the desire for Trikke to create a T10, but for people like us, it’s a bummer because of size restrictions.

      1. I’m only 5’10” and about 90 +/-2 Kg depending on what time of the year. Even for me the T8 is too small, T12 is a little small but I can still go 80 Km runs on them with the right bearings. SKF has been my choice so far.

  6. I have a t8 and 3-t12s. The t8 does not cruise as well as the t12s. I am interested in the t10. I would like to buy two of them for my wife and me. Did you upgrade the bearings on the t10 also. When I am on the trails I get a lot of interest in the trikkes. I promote the trikkes and inform the people that it is a better workout than riding bikes. Love the carving, it is very relaxing! I would like to start a trikke club and promote and sell or rent them on the trail that I cruise. Let me know your thoughts or idea’s on this. Thanks! John.

    1. I always bought new bearings for my Trikke’s as the stock ones are not even good for putting the Trikke on display. 10x26x8mm S6000-2RS makes all the difference between an enjoyable ride and a discouraging one from stock in my experience.

  7. The difference between riding a T8 and a T12 on a paved surface is the need for a kidney belt. The difference between a T12 from 2008 and a T12 from 2012 is also huge. My 2008s( I have 3 green ones ) I can ride forever, the 2012( the black one ) is simply discouraging, the size of the curves/apex is just different.

  8. Can we get an update on your crowdfunding campaign? I am very interested in buying a trikke and, all other things being equal, I would be inclined to lay out the extra cash for the T10 instead of the C78 deluxe, but I’m not sure I want to lay out the cash and then wait until January for delivery.

  9. I would like to order 2 and support the cause if possible but will not if not practical … but need to know the weight it will support. My daughter would like to lose weight and this would be a great way to help

  10. I have a T 12 in excellent condition. It’s been in storage for about 4 years inside my home and minimal use prior to storage. I would be willing to sell this. The 12 is too big for me.
    I must have fallen off the mailing list as I knew nothing about the 10 until now!

  11. I currently have a T78 Air with the curved handlebar. I’m not a big fan of the straight handlebar as shown on the new T-10 model. Are the handlebars interchangeable? If not, would it be possible to order a T-10 with a curved handlebar like the T78 Air model?

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