Trikke T10 Roadster production update: 6 things you need to know

Trikke T10 Roadster“Your T10 will be here soon and you’ll be able to show off your new ride this summer.”

The all-new Trikke T10 Roadster is almost ready for its close-up, according to Trikke Tech CEO Gildo Beleski, whose recent trip to China to oversee production of the body-powered vehicle left him both surprised and impressed. If all goes well, he says, those who ordered the Roadster during last year’s crowdfunding campaign – as well anyone who snags the small number of units still available – should be carving on this latest carver by mid-summer.

So what happens between now and then? Beleski is back with answers to the questions many Trikke fans want to ask:

Q: On your trip to inspect the T10 Roadster, what did you see?
A: All parts are in production. The frame factory made some trial frames to learn how to properly make it. Each frame has its own particularities. For example, the T10 front tube is a very long part. After welding and heat treatment, it bowed like a banana (I’m exaggerating, of course), but that required some changes to the procedures. We tested the machining of the new 10-inch rim with the drum brake. I checked the placement of the reflective graphics embedded into the frame paint. I followed the bending operation of the new handlebar, had it on my hands to feel and confirm the angles of the handles. We finished the ordering of the commemorative T10 badge with a laser printed serial number. A few parts needed tweaking on precision specs and finish. The grip mat and all the stickers are ready.

Q: What are your first impressions of what you saw?
A: I was a little surprised with the size of the front structure. Seeing and simulating on a CAD drawing is different from personally seeing and holding the part. The T10 is a big departure from previous models. I love the look and feel of the hexagonal pipe frame with glossy paint.

Q: What are the next steps between now and shipping to the customer?
A: All parts should be ready by mid-April. It will take weeks to assemble since we have a small team and this is the first time they’ll be working with this model. Training and patience are needed. To do a good job, things cannot be rushed. From there, it’s another 25-30 days to get them in our warehouse in Buellton, Calif., and start shipping. So we predict this by end of May/ beginning of June.

Q: Anything to say to the customers eagerly waiting?
A: This is a collector’s piece. I’m excited and happy with the result of our work. We are a small company, making a new product from scratch. It is always a challenge when you have limited resources, but we have done it before, and we can do again and better. Your T10 will be here soon and you’ll be able to show off your new ride this summer.

Q: People can still order the new T10 online. Anything to say to customers thinking of buying one?
A: We have a small number of additional units for sale, all with the first edition numbered badge. After this batch, we are not yet sure when a new round of production will happen. There will be a time gap in availability. New productions will be decided depending on the performance of the product, plus reaction and reviews by riders.

Q: Anything to add?
A: For the Southern California riders, I would like to propose an official launch with delivery of assembled units to the new owners, and maybe a ride to commemorate the event. Perhaps tied in with LSM (Last Saturday of the Month) Ride or any other opportunity. We’ll need organizing help from riders.

  • Note: Ordered a T10 through the crowdfunding campaign? Go here to select your badge number and t-shirt color and size. We’ll give priority by order received. If repeated, you’ll be asked to choose a different number.

Photos of the T10 Roadster, now in production

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  1. What if I put other bearings on the trikke? For example Single Angular Contact Ball Bearings. These bearings can work better during carving movements. What do you think about it? I apologize for the bad english.

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