Trikke Tech to make new, improved Trikke Skki

The newly redesigned Trikke Skki.

You winter sports options just got better with the newly redesigned Trikke Skki, coming this fall from Trikke Tech, Inc., makers of Trikke carving vehicles.

For the first time, the Skki’s will be assembled in Poland, where demand for the snow carver is strong, then they’ll be made available in Europe, the United States and China.

“Our Polish distributor was very successful in promoting the Skki,” explains Gildo Beleski, inventor of the Trikke and Skki. As for the reason, he cites the fact that resorts in the Eastern European country have been more amenable to having the Skki on their slopes.

Those slopes will now see a new, bright green carving machine on a glossy black frame featuring many improvements over previous models.

“With the new production, we invested in a number of new molds,” says Beleski. “Every opportunity to improve the performance and build — we take it. There were some known issues with the design, material and quality, and many suggestions came from riders. We have addressed most of the issues with this new package.”

“The Skki is popular because it is a unique product. It has many great advantages and none of the disadvantages of traditional skis or snowboarding.”

Improvements include upgraded frame construction and cambering components, along with a new front structure and arms, improved frame geometry and increased cambering range. Whereas the previous shoes were made out of nylon, the three shoes on the new Skki are made out of aluminum. The ski blades are European made with high performance edges, unlike the previous version’s blades, which were made in China. Additionally, the dished surface and grip design has been changed for improved comfort and control.

But will the new Skki play in Poland and elsewhere? Tomasz Dziedzic of Trikke Poland thinks so.

“Together with Gildo, we did a lot of work on the development and enhancement of the new Skki,” says Dziedzic. “It’s set so that it will no longer oversteer, as was the case was in previous models. This allows a much faster leaning and better edge control at high speeds.”

With no lateral slippage, Dziedzic says the new platform design allows for safer riding for women and shorter individuals:

“The Skki is popular because it is a unique product. It has many great advantages and none of the disadvantages of traditional skis or snowboarding.”

The Skki’s biggest plus, according to Dziedzic: “The ability to ride a Skki despite having injuries. Most people who have problems with their knees, hips, feet and spine can ride the Skki. The knees don’t rotate. In Poland, doctors recommend riding a Trikke Skki when someone has just such problems. The professionals appreciate our product.”

As far as getting your snow carve on in the United States, Gildo Beleski says there are very few places to go because the Skki is an “unknown product” and bigger resorts fear issues related to liability and lift regulation. But he advises that you may be able to ride at any resort that allows “ski bikes and snow toys” and websites like may be able to help.

The main thing both Beleski and Dziedzic emphasize, is that the Trikke Skki is a great way to hit the slopes and have the time of your life.

“The Trikke Skki is great for people who have had little experience (or bad experiences) with skiing and snowboarding, like me,” says Beleski. “It’s for someone who wants a great skiing experience from day one.”

The Trikke Skki retail price will be $999. Orders in the USA will begin shipping in October.

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  1. Start the snow dance now!
    Sierra at Tahoe in California is a Trikke Skki destination for sure. I have been riding there since 2013. Come on up!

    1. Might be a great opportunity for Trikke Tech to ‘re-introduce’ the SKKI-INN, to promote their ‘New SKKI’…. and maybe have some for ‘demo’, rental, and PURCHASE….. for those attending! How about it Gildo and John?

  2. das ist schon richtig, wir dürfen, und das hat murmeltier merkel immer wieder gesagt, das "zarte pflänzchen des fohi&crrtttessquot; in afghanistan nicht gefährden.

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