Ultimate Trikke theme park in China to open in 2017

Trikke theme park
Drawing of the theme park featuring all things Trikke, now in the works in China.

Trikke Tech enters the fast growing Chinese sports, recreational and tourism market with big dreams.

A giant theme park featuring all things Trikke. A wondrous place where you can experience Trikke’s three-wheel carving vehicles by land, by sea, by ski and much more. It may sound like a Trikke lover’s pipe dream, but in May, 2017, that dream is set to become a reality with the world and China’s first ever Trikke theme park—the first of many, if the dreamers behind the dream have their way.

The Trikke Sports Park is the product of a joint venture between Trikke Tech Inc., the U.S.-based makers of Trikke carving vehicles, and the newly-formed Trikke China, which will promote, sell and distribute all Trikke products in mainland China.

“This is important for us because China is, by far, the leader in personal mobility,” says Trikke inventor and Trikke Tech CEO Gildo Beleski, noting that the country accounts for 85% of all electric bikes sold worldwide. “At same time, we will share technology and product development. Trikke China becomes our own supplier. It is key to have our own operation there.”

The common goal: carve up the nation of one billion people with Trikkes of every flavor imaginable, along with Trikke parks destined to become a global attraction for Trikke lovers worldwide.

The idea was spearheaded by Michael Peng, CEO of Trikke China, who says he recognizes the Trikke’s potential as a sports technology brand in China, as well as the global market.

“…Trikke riding, Trikke skiing, multiple tracks for downhill racing, off-road-style Trikke riding, drifting, e-racing, a Jet Ski-style Trikke water park…”

“We have had some amazing responses in China for Trikke products,” says Peng. “In November we will launch our first product, the Trikke Freedom, through crowdfunding on one of our biggest online stores, JD.com. We are holding our breath but are confident we can hit some good numbers.”

As for the Trikke Sports Park, Peng says the first is slated to be built in 2017—pending government approval—outside Guangzhou, a city with a metro area population of 40 million. In all, he envisions at least 10 parks nationwide, each of them with a long list of attractions:

“The park is designed to be a fun, family, sports and recreation attraction, featuring Trikke riding, Trikke skiing, multiple tracks for downhill racing, off-road-style Trikke riding, drifting, e-racing, a Jet Ski-style Trikke water park, a Monster Trikke arena, a Trikke skate park, and a children’s fun park.”

Trikke Models: Skki, Electric, Fitness.
Trikke Models: Skki, Electric, Fitness.

Other mega-resort-like aspects are also imagined, including an outdoor swimming pool, bars and restaurants. Of course, the main attractions will be on three wheels.

“It’s a park with a Trikke theme,” says Beleski. “A place for family and friends to spend the day and have a great experience, shopping, music shows, performances. A theme park that can be replicated in many large cities through the franchising model.”

“The Trikke theme park is one of the marketing strategies we’ll employ in China to grow the brand and take it to the mass market.”

Spreading the joy of Trikke has always been a global endeavor for Trikke Tech. Body-powered Trikkes are popular in places like the United States, Canada and Indonesia. The Trikke Skki is popular in Poland and elsewhere in Europe. And electric Trikkes cruising around on “Trikke Tours” have been successfully carving up tourist destinations, such as the Dominican Republic, Waikiki, Oahu, and Athens, Greece. But this new partnership represents even bigger dreams and goals for the company and its patented, three-wheel cambering system.

“In China,” notes Beleski, “there is a strong demand for innovative products. Bicycles are so yesterday there, so Trikke has a good chance. There’s also a growing middle class interested in recreational products. If we crack into personal mobility in China, it will consolidate our brand and pump investment into new products with Trikke technology.”

Gildo Beleski (left) and Michael Peng.
Big dreamers Gildo Beleski (left) and Michael Peng.

That new investment could lead to renewed energy and buzz for Trikke Tech and Trikke lovers the world over. As Trikke China’s Peng noted: “Trikke has been struggling in a limited niche market since the brand was born more than 15 years ago. The Trikke theme park is one of the marketing strategies we’ll employ in China to grow the brand and take it to the mass market. With the park, we are entering the tourism market, the fastest growing industry in China. While the park is creating revenue, it also provides a venue for consumers to experience Trikke products, boosting both sales and brand recognition.”

Peng’s belief in the future success of Trikke is fueled by a strong belief in the man who invented the three-wheel wonder and the passion he puts into his life’s work.

“We see Gildo [Beleski] as the backbone of the company,” says Peng. “We are convinced that his vision, creativity and technological capabilities will take the Trikke brand to the next level.”

Naturally, for Beleski and Trikke fans everywhere, the hope is that a big Trikke boom in China will reverberate around the globe.

“The rest of the world will salivate,” says Beleski. “Either they go to China or a Trikke theme park opens up in their country.”

And if it all goes well?

“The Trikke business and brand will be profoundly impacted, as it consolidates as an experience rather than a product. The Trikke will be seen as a world of possibilities. The Chinese experience will greatly influence the future of Trikke worldwide.”

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  1. Gildo and his Trikke team deserve international success. I use my electric Trikke everyday here in Irvine and I get a positive reaction from everyone around me. So glad to hear about Trikke China

  2. Our friend Gildo “trikke on”! Many years after the front cover of the Time magazine yuor dreams come true, starting from China with the Trikke theme park and the great support of Peng! We in Greece with Scooterise will follow to match your business plan. Regards from Greece: Kostas,Nikos,Fanis and Olympia.

  3. Sad time, my fitness trikke cant be moving, at all.. more that 11 person have give it a big time traying… so my trikke have a live in the darkest place in my hause, for the last 3 year! not fun at all

  4. 14 years as an avid. Trikker, I would go to China on opening day , to hang out with my friend G , and Trikkers from around the World to Celebrate our

  5. My sister bought from the US. It’s big and even my hubby height is 1.84m find it very hard to move it. Lots of strength on the arms just to get it moving. No fun.

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