Trikke vs. Segways, T-3’s and bikes: the verdict, according to police and security personnel

SBPD Trikke patrol 1“Bicycles are ho-hum. Segways are nerdy. T-3 vehicles are too expensive and don’t go anywhere.”

Those are some of the recent comments relayed to Gerry Baranano, Trikke Tech security relations consultant, when he interviewed a number of police officers and security personnel currently using Trikke’s electric vehicles on patrol.

According to the feedback, a major problem with the Segway has been the injury factor. The Las Vegas office of a national security firm reported two broken ankles from just 30 days of Segway use.

In addition, that same office highlighted the value they see of less training needs and less maintenance issues associated with Trikke vehicles vs the other options. This plays in Trikke’s favor because of its simple mechanical design and its natural ease of use.

Trikke seems to win hands down against the competition on all the most important points:

  1. Cost: The Trikke patrol vehicle is 1/2 to 1/3 times the cost of the other electric stand up patrol vehicles.
  2. Low maintenance issues – easier to maintain: Thanks to Trikke’s simple engineering and design, it has very few maintenance issues that can’t be quickly solved.
  3. Less training: Due to the high turn-over rate in the security industry, the less training required, the better. Trikke patrol vehicles are the easiest to learn how to ride. Basic bicycle-riding knowledge transfers quickly to the new rider and it is very intuitive and easy to control.Security guards patroling the Medalla Brewer facilities
  4. Safety: Trikke three-wheel carving vehicles provide a much safer platform, not just to the rider but to pedestrian traffic. Because of its delta shape, the vehicle will tend to glance off of obstacles rather than run them over. As well, since the Trikke weighs only 45 pounds (vs. Segway’s 135 lbs or T3’s 325 lbs), having one land on you won’t do much damage in comparison.
    Another important safety factor is the issue of braking: many individuals reported that braking on the Segway when running at quicker speeds was difficult (since there are no manual brakes). Whereas on a Trikke vehicle, you simply squeeze both brake handles to slow the rotation of the two tires directly under the rider’s weight, making it natural and easy to stop quickly.
    The main safety problem of the T3 arises from trying to take a turn at speeds above 5 mph. Like the 3-wheeled ATVs (that have since been phased out due to so many reported injuries and lawsuits), if you take a turn with any speed above 5 mph or so, the vehicle wants to flip over. The Trikke vehicle does not have this problem because its frame is not rigid like the T3. The Trikke leans into the turn with the rider, so turns can be easily navigated safely at all speeds.

In summary, at 1/2 to 1/3 the price, the Trikke patrol vehicle offers a compelling alternative to the existing electric stand-up vehicle solutions. In an age of budget cuts and intensifying competition to meet the needs of security for property owners, one would expect the word to get out quickly about the Trikke patrol solution.  We’ll see.

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